Anna Lee Lipman at Riverwalk Collective Gallery – Steamboat Springs


ANNA LEE’s works are inspired by painting in acrylics, using a distinct watercolor style combined with printmaking techniques that she brings to the canvas to retain the transparent layers and textures that are often found in her fine art prints.

   She was born in Auckland, New Zealand and grew up in various places in New Zealand, Polynesia and Canada. Anna Lee was a member artist at Zea Mays Studio in Florence, Massachusetts where she worked and continued her studies primarily in the areas of relief, infaglio and monotype printmaking.

   “My work has often, but not always, been landscape inspired. Underlying themes are mood, atmosphere and quality of light. Using transparent layers and textures, I often abstract the landscape to its most basic forms. The palette is pure and saturated and fairly transparent so that the luminosity of light is retained. My approach to painting emphasizes the often times surreal nature of this magical place as well as borrowing printmaking techniques in order to give it a unique flavor. My hope is to capture the expansiveness and rolling open quality of the Yampa Valley.”