Cyndi Marlowe at Riverwalk Collective Gallery – Steamboat Springs


Cyndi Marlowe is a professional landscape photographer living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Once a Photographer, Always a Photographer…

In 1960, my Uncle Bob drove from Pennsylvania to Columbus, Ohio to visit me and my family. He had just bought the hottest new Pentax camera, and actually let me hold it and take a couple shots. About 2 weeks later, the images I took arrived in the mail; after that, my passion was rooted.

In 1980, I moved from Ohio to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Within a year, I was the proud owner of an art gallery that specialized in local photography. I was surrounded by talented photographers, and I filled the gallery walls with images of the Rocky Mountains.

Today, you will never catch me leaving the house without my camera. I hike, bike, and travel to beautiful places and always stop to capture every moment I can on my camera to share with the world.

My work is in many homes and shops across town, as well as in many of the most popular hotels and offices in Steamboat. I love what I do and I love sharing it even more.