Grant Alan at Riverwalk Collective Gallery – Steamboat Springs

Grant Alan

An explorer at heart, Grant has a passion for seeking out dramatic and unique landscapes at the ends of the earth. Whether it’s chasing the Northern Lights in Alaska, exploring the Lofoten Islands of Norway or hiking through the surreal landscapes of Patagonia, Grant loves new adventures and sharing his stories (and photos) with others. He has called Colorado home for more than a decade and is based in Steamboat Springs.

Grant describes the impact of photography this way: “The best photographs are the ones you can continue to look at for a lifetime. There’s always something new to discover. A detail or facet within the frame that you never fully saw or appreciated before. I believe the best photographs should inspire and invoke a sense of awe and wonder. They should transport you to a different place.”

Grant has adventured through 49 states and 39 countries, and directed & produced several award-winning documentary films focused on social justice and human rights issues. He spends his free time climbing mountains, downhill skiing and exploring the outdoors with his camera.