Madeleine Burrough at Riverwalk Collective Gallery – Steamboat Springs



started painting with watercolor and has since expanded her work into oil.  Her work is inspired by the movement within everything.  To capture that movement with paint through shadow and color is her ultimate goal.  She prefers a limited color palate and spends a lot of thought in the colors she mixes herself.  Her work is driven by reality but textured with energy.

Madeleine lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  She recently quit her day job and dedicated herself full time to her art.  She lives with her husband, Grant, and their five sons aged 10-20.  When she is not painting, you can find her outdoors enjoying nature or spending time with her friends and family.

“I am a realistic painter who believes that paint can be so much more expressive than reality. Therefore I do not strive for photo realism, rather I am inspired by surrounding energy in the real world and I work to translate that beauty into paint. I work mainly in oil and watercolor, switching between the two to best match the mood.”