Marion Kahn at Riverwalk Collective Gallery – Steamboat Springs

Marion Kahn

Marion, a contemporary colorist, is captivated by the unceasing beauty of the world around her, from the Indian Paint Brush at her feet to color-stained skies at sunset. For the artist and for the viewer, it’s the color story that is intriguing and compelling in her work. She is highly experimental. Her work can be bold and arresting or quietly meditative. She often hides elements in her paintings just for fun.

The outdoor cathedral is Kahn’s primary inspiration.  She explores classical definitions of beauty in the natural world and what happens to the viewer when external forces and internal ideas merge. These elements of art in nature, that vie for attention, are the ideas that Marion explores in abstracted paintings and mixed media works.

Kahn typically uses a bright oil palette to create paintings that exude joy. In her abstract work, she starts with a color story that may be soothing or arresting. She approaches the blank canvas with color and purpose and then incorporates created images born of reality, imagination and years of travel.  Each painting is an experience revealing her interests and clarity.  Her paintings elicit joy in the viewer. 

Marion Kahn’s work expands the rules of painting and elevates them into the chroma-saturated zone that she calls home. Her work has been compared with French artist Pierre Bonnard for her stunning use of pastel colors and also with famed American abstract expressionist artist, Joan Mitchell, for her bold-stroked canvases.