Photography & the Creative Spirit in Western Ireland

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September 7 - February 17, 2019


9:00AM-9:00 AM


Westport, County Mayo and Ennis, County Clare, Ireland

Join Karen & Joel Schulman as they take you on a creative and cultural journey, exploring the broad peat lowlands, lush countrysides, ancient abbeys, colorful villages and local pubs of Counties Mayo and Clare. The emphasis of this photographic tour is development of personal vision and creative spirit. They have been working in the photographic field for over 37 years and are both accomplished professional photographers and skilled educators. During the tour, Karen will share ideas and knowledge to help you create great travel photographs whether you are using a DSLR or an iPhone! Joel is an expert in the digital imaging world and has done photographic printing for some of the most notable names in fine art photography. They will share their knowledge of both the technical and creative aspects of the photographic medium.