Pivot Point: Creative Tools for Personal Empowerment

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Thursday, June 25, 2020


3:30PM-4:30 PM





This week’s Pivot Point Zoom gathering will bring you stress-relief and sonic delight from the Tank, a world-class sonic resource and recording venue in Rangely, Colorado. Sonic guides Samantha Wade, Michael Van Wagoner and Julie Noyes will walk you through a few very basic sitting sound meditations, get you acquainted with your own sonic environment and introduced to the unique sonic landscape that is the Tank. We’ll invite you to imagine your mind as a “sound mirror,” reflecting whatever arises in the sonic domain, and to notice the silences between the sounds. And as you focus on this sonic universe, you’ll become more present, more in-the-moment, more free and focused, more functional. As Annie Dillard said, “We are here to notice each thing, so each thing gets noticed, and Creation need not play to an empty house.”

Zoom link: