Squire Studios


Cherie Duty

Cherie Duty


Diptych Encaustic

20″ x 40″ x 2″


To purchase visit: https://www.cherieduty.com/https://www.cherieduty.com/

Lizzie LaRock

Lizzie LaRock

Climbing the Walls Art Show

Featuring the photographic works of Lizzie Larock and many of her adult students from The Life Feast creativity workshop.

Since we’re all climbing the walls, we may as well take a #ceilingselfie … What pray tell is a #ceilingselfie? It’s a creative prompt that I give to all of my photo students to get them to notice that interesting vignettes are everywhere in life. Curious about what a ceiling selfie looks like? Head on over to our online artwalk photo show … (complete with classical music & virtual cheese!). You will be stunned by the beauty that hovers just 8 feet above your head.

Thank you for joining me!
Lizzie Larock

Visit the ceiling selfie online art show at this link

Suzi Mitchell

Suzi Mitchell

Bizzy’s Field

Mixed Media on Canvas



To purchase contact: https://www.suzimitchellcreative.com/

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