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Sedere Series

Sedere Latin: to settle or sit

Sedimentary rocks can be read like a book. Layers are typically deposited vertically over time, like the layers in a cake. Sediment is transported by water, ice (glaciers), and wind. The noun sediment comes from the Latin word sedere, meaning “to settle,” or “to sit.” 
The seventeen works in the Sedere Series explore these qualities in woven form. 
Layers of thread are deposited via the loom vertically over time. Woven forms grow by a slow process of accretion similar to the accretion of small sedimentary particles over time.
To sit at the loom is to settle and sit into the body and spirit. 

Materials:  Japanese pine paper thread and viscose coated silk are inherently stiff and strong. They create a textile that can bend and fold like paper. Sedimentary pigments of walnut, sumi (soot), and iron oxide evoke the colors of the sedimentary rocks of Utah.

Forms: This textile that bends and folds like paper is folded into origami-inspired forms:
Calyx (sepals of a flower forming a whorl that encloses the petals and forms a protective layer around a flower in bud) 
Alas (wing) 


Wendy Kowynia

Wendy Kowynia

Fan 1




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Wendy Kowynia

Calyx 9




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Wendy Kowynia

Alas 11




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