Art in the Park


Same weekend as the Hot Air Balloon Rodeo just minutes away, these events offer artistry and color both on canvases and in the air making this weekend a staple of Steamboat Springs, Colorado in the summertime!

Art in the Park is free to the public and features nearly 160 artist vendors, live entertainment, food vendors, and an interactive children’s art area. This popular and successful event takes place on July 14th and 15th over Hot Air Balloon Rodeo Weekend, which draws large crowds through a weekend of fun and excitement. Around 10,000 people attend our festival located in West Lincoln Park, on the west end of downtown Steamboat Springs in beautiful Northwest Colorado.






2018 Art in the Park




 AMS Pottery
I create visual movement in the clay forms, making an aesthetic balance between functional design and creative art. My work is fired to cone 10 in a reduction fired gas kiln.



Ashcraft Pottery
Stoneware and porcelain, typically wheel thrown and altered. Paddle marks and wire cut details create greater visual texture. Elegant glazes and sprinkled ash enhance the shape of each piece.



David Stephens
My wheel-thrown pottery is often altered by designs painstakingly cut by hand with an xacto knife, and/or sculpted with the addition of clay. Glaze recipes are unique and are of my own creation and applied in multiple layers.


JL Vision
I use a slab construct technique to create each one of my dishes and wheel throw my garlic keepers and olive dishes. My two clay bodies consist of icelia porcelain and navajo wheel, I use coyote brand cone 5 food safe glazes.


K7 Pottery
I have been working with clay for 14 years and have worked as a full-time potter for the past 2 ½ years selling at local markets. While most of my pots are functional, I have recently started to play with sculptural ceramic forms as well. I decorate my pots with several layers of different color.


Lane Dukart Studio
Utilizing unglazed stoneware clay each bell is individually created and decorated with original hand carved designs that reflect the textures and culture of the mountainous West.



PAZ Clay & Fiber
My work is thrown functional & decorative stoneware, large RAKU vessels & mosaic trays. In addition to white stoneware, dark clay glazed on the inside with outer surface areas left unglazed to create visual contrast.Weaving on the rims & in the body of the piece is also done on one of a kind pieces.


Wandering Blue

All my glazes are unique recipes that I have developed.I fire to cone 11 in a gas kiln. All the pottery is dishwasher, microwave & oven safe.


My work is hand thrown with some pieces being altered to change it’s symmetrical shape. The designs are then painted with underglazes, outlined in black and a clear glaze is applied.




Cyndi Buck Design
I create hand crafted, hand dyed wearable art & upcycled cashmere apparel. I create my work using white fabric, 1st designing, then indivually hand dyeing each garment. All garments are timeless, one of a kind pieces.


Dr. C’s Designs
I use different media to express my art, leather ,conte pencil and charcoal drawings and cast bronze and silver.My drawings are matted with hand tooled leather and my furnishings have hand tooled leather trim and bronze or silver accents


I fold in pattern using rubber bands/string then dye garment by painting or vat dye to get desired effect



Dying Breeds
Influenced by my background as a printmaker and blacksmith, I handcraft unique leather goods that incorporate my graphic designs and hand-forged hardware. Beginning with entire leather hides, I cut belt blanks & bag pieces, then emboss using printing plates, then dye & stitch each piece.


Wearable collages made entirely from post-consumer recycled &vintage fabrics. I work mostly with cotton knits &cashmere sweaters. All patterns are my design; techniques used include dying, piecing, & appliqué. Recycling is central to my work, as is the fit of my garments & the color play in each one.


Fine Alpaca Apparel
Weave: It’s the main process in which we hand-weave with a loom the front, back, sleeves, neck,patterns of the fine alpaca pullover item.



Hand Weaving & Pottery by Nancy
I weave and create pottery. my weaving is created on a loom. I create rag rugs from recycled clothing and linens. I work in natural fibers of cotton and wool. I also make placemats which are preached and dried. My pottery in thrown on a wheel. I glaze the pottery in food safe glazes.


Leashes by Liz

Handbraide/knotted parachute cord dog collars and leashes. Each leash is finished with high heat for integrity, these items are functional, stylish and long lasting.


Mimi Handbags
My one of a kind handbags are made from rich upholstery fabric, recycled leather, and cork leather. All of my handbags are handmade in my home sewing studio.



PR*water color painted

Original hand painted water color style on fabric



Sherry Kromka – Handwovens by Sherry K
Handwoven apparel including ponchos, shawls, wraps, scarves and vests, woven in brilliant colors on a floor loom in chenille, bamboo and other high-quality yarns. by sherry k



The Shoemakers

Brightly colored handmade leather shoes and sandalso with handpainted accents.



Tinker Art Originals
White Habotai, Charmeuse and or Crepe de Chine silk material and scarves are painted using water-based silk paints using wet into wet techniques. The applied paint is permanently set through heat by ironing. The silk material and lining are cut into patterns & hand-constructed & sewn into vests.


Wool and Spice
Handmade recycled wool purses, accessories, and pillows. All original designs/patterns by artist. Wool is recycled from discarded clothing. Artist makes multiple styles of purses, several different sizes of pouches, and various pillows.




Alicia Keyser
All my drawings are from photographs I took myself while hiking or exploring Colorado or neighboring states. I work from those photos using colored pencil or marker on paper to create my work.


Amelia Illustration
I work in paper collage and oil or acrylic paint to create illustrative landscapes. My substrate in cradled panel and pieces are unframed, but have collage materials that wrap around the edges to create a beautiful finished look. I finish my works using an oil based, retouch varnish or epoxy resin.


Brooke Nielsen
My unique personal style of using fine brushes provides a consistent vibrant visual effect to the viewer from both near and far. The majority of my oil paintings are still life and landscape scenes which evolve from my imagination.


Cate’s Artwork
These images were created in Adobe Illustrator to express and represent the emotion of a past place, time, or event through the interplay of patterns, shapes, lines, and colors.



Heartwood Artist
Thought provoking one of a kind 2D/3D original tree art on watercolor paper and reclaimed wood panels created using inks, paints, and found objects such as stones, wood, & glass. Using whimsy, realism, & humor each piece is linked to bits of wisdom. Small “Treenie Weenies” to large wood panels.


Humming Wolf Studio
I use high quality oil paints on canvas or cradled board to create spirit themed landscapes.




Jane Johnson
Fluid acrylic on canvas or yupo paper, a synthetic substrate using brushes brayers and water to move paint. All originals no reproductions.



Jenifer Hammond
Starting w/ acrylic paint & hand written original poetry running through the back painting, I use a palette knife to create texture, copper, gold or silver leaf, mica, paper, or real leaves or bones along with a super shiny epoxy resin that gives most of my pieces a candy-like appearance.



Justin Clements
Traditional Oil Paintings, classically styled original oil paintings in fine custom made frames.



Katheryn Hill
Beaded bicycle wheels with LED fairy lights in the wheels for wall or window hangings.



Lucky Onion
I paint using a variety of traditional medium. Mainly I enjoy painting with oils on Masonite



Kylie Severns
Rich and vibrant acrylic wildlife paintings on canvas



Laurel Astor, Artist
Pastel paintings on sanded paper and framed in high quality wood frames



Marla Wieck
My painting subject is mostly landscape or wildlife done in oil on canvas, both studio work and plein air. The style is realistic impressionism with loose brushwork.



I create limited-edition silkscreen prints on paper. Using a reduction method and a single screen for each edition, I paint my design onto the screen by hand with a screen filler and then layer colors to bring figures to life!


Rosemarie Dunn Årt
My work is typically a mix of watercolor with colored pencil and pens over the top.



Splash Fine Art
Our current work explores liquid, stone, glass and metal effects through physics and fluid chemistry showcasing a world of colors and movement.



Tightline Studio
I paint using acrylics on birch panels mounted on hardwood frames. I use a macro focus on detail or unique perspectives from odd angles with an acrylic wash technique allowing for semi transparent layers. I am inspired to create a momentary snapshot of the intricacies of form, function and color.


Tinker Tiffany Art
White Habotai silk is washed & stretched on a frame & drawn on with water-based gutta & painted with water-based silk paints using wet into wet, multiple washes & dry brush. It is heat-set & washed removing the resist then the resist lines are painted too. The finished painting is acid-free mounted

FINE ARTS 2-D – Photography


Alex Burke Photography
Landscape images from remote locations in Colorado and beyond created using large format 4×5″ FILM developed entirely by the artist. This large film size allows for extremely clear enlargements even beyond 72″ in size. Archival pigment prints limited to editions of 150.


Andrew Kelley Photography, Ltd.
This work consists of pigment prints made by the artist or under the artist’s supervision.



Audrey Bortz
I use both a camera and an iPhone to photograph the natural world, sometimes using apps to manipulate the photos. They are printed on watercolor paper or canvas for display.
I also create beaded jewelry using genuine gemstones, pearls and precious metals.


Back Roads Photography
The body of my work is on natural slate or oxidized porcelain tile. Slate varies in color and texture making each one unique. The larger images are a dye infused aluminum from a professional lab. These are floated 3/4″ off the back to create a 3D look. Images are printed on museum quality paper.


DB Maes World Images
A collection of images produced in color and black & white with selective color, captured via digital camera, processed using software but not Photoshop, printed on canvas, metal and archival paper in popular sizes, matted in white and presented in clear acid free sleeves. All images are signed.


Ken Smith Photography
I look for simplistic composition and seek intimate light for my images in order to communicate a story and provoke an emotional response for the viewer. I capture these brief moments in time using only one final exposure. None of my images are layer stacked or multiple exposure composites.


Rob Corkran
I describe my style as being one part classical American western landscape black and white photography and a color landscape painter’s eye for composition. I print my photos except for canvas & metal.


Tanya Porter
Digital photos produced on top grade photo paper. Offered either matted or framed. Special orders are also accepted to meet customer’s specific requirements.



Montano Art
I utilize a number of mediums to achieve a visual piece usually centered around wildlife. I use the properties of the medium for a piece with a unique look and stark background, with pieces featuring drips, splatters, and deep contrast.




Anamchara Glass Design
My art begins w/an idea,a design & handpicked glass. Much of my work is created in 3-D using the copper foil method. Glass is hand cut, ground, wrapped w/copper,then soldered. Patina may be applied to alter the color of the solder to black, copper etc. Each piece of my art is one of a kind.



Denise Bohart Brown
Kiln-formed glass sculpture, displayed both as wall-mount pieces and 3D pedestal work.



Donna Moore Studio
Glass is a magical media never the same and dependent on light. My goal is to express my world with texture, form and color. Art that functions is important be it for the table, wall, wearable, asks a question, or soothes the soul.



Zeza Glass and Metal
I use Spectrum 96 glass. Depending on the desired outcome of a piece, most work is first full fused, tack fused then slumped in a mold.




ADORN by Samouce
Hand crafted contemporary statement jewelry integrating authentic antique and vintage elements, deconstructed and presented in new unexpected compositions. Each design celebrates the historic craftsmanship of the past with relevance to current trends


Artemis Designs
Using both silversmith & leather working techniques, my husband and I create organically textured sterling silver jewelry elegantly combined with genuine alligator leather & natural gemstones. Our silver patterns emulate the natural patterns found on exotic leathers.


Carolanne Stalteri Jewelry Designs
My designer jewelry is of Precious Metals & Stones. I work with Sea Glass & Fossil Ivory & I create my own alloys ie Shibuichi & Mokume Gane. I use smithing tools & processes, cutting grinding & soldering. I set stones, & polish for a satin finish that allows metals to show distinctly.


CEH Creations
I use traditional bead weaving techniques to hand weave jewelry using glass, metal and gemstone materials. I design and execute all my work. I use hand cut metal tubing and sheet in silver, copper and brass as components in my work. I also use precious metal clay for components.


Creative Effects Co.
Handcrafted contemporary Jewelry in Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Niobium & Recycled Aluminum with semi-precious gemstones: Lapis, Turquoise, Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot and Swarovski Crystal


Crystal D’llusions
Designs cast in silver from metal or wax prototypes and either set with opals & gemstones or inlaid with hand cut stones. Opal & gem pieces are usually sandblasted for a matte look with 18k gold accents. Inlaid pieces are geometric designs using many unique stones such as larimar & sugilite


Dana Voorhees Jewelry
Hand-fabricated designs, with high grade gemstones set in sterling silver. Each piece is one of a kind, and may include vintage or collector components along with organic leather, antler, or bone.


Emperada Pearl
Antique mother of pearl poker chips from Canton china, set into gold and silver bezels for one of a kind historical jewelry. These gaming tokens were made 200-300 years ago for the aristocrats and wealthy shipping merchants of London and Great Britain.


Eng Stoneworks
I cut and polish my stones to shape from a rough to polished texture. I then provide the framework for each stone using Sterling Silver. and 14K Gold-Filled wire. Each piece represent a one of a kind piece of Jewelry. I am inspired by the artistic nature of Stones and the power they give my patrons


Eva Hornung & Laura Fitzgerald
hand designed fine silver (99% pure) pendants and accent pieces combined with semi-precious stones



I create jewelry & accessories made with beads that I handcraft from quilt fabric. Most beads are rolled fabric coated in polycrylic. Pendants are fabric behind glass cabochons set in metal trays



Quality stones strung, set, & inlayed on sterling silver, 14kt gold fill, & hand cut deer skin, creating a unique line of SW contemporary jewelry. Techniques used are silver smithing and playing stones on leather producing an inlay cuff that can bend to fit. No other inlay bends to fit.



Lee Dickey Designs
I create one of a kind jewelry with texture, color, contrast and whimsy. Hand-forged copper is a growing part of my work.
I incorporate mixed metals, organic materials, gemstones, “found objects,” crystals and assorted beads into necklaces, bracelets and earrings.



LeGrande Jewelry and leather
Pairing beautiful colors and stones to create a classic and versatile jewelry that can be worn layered or stand alone. crocheted on nylon cording gives each piece a durable yet delicate feel.



Lyra Fiset
Each piece of my work is lovingly created by hand using semi-precious gemstones combined with precious metal. I use my background as a silversmith to hand fabricate pendants & other focal elements.


I use stones, feathers, bones, quills, leather, and thread. I find inspiration from the shapes and patterns of nature, while drawing from the earthy color palette of surrounding landscapes. With this vision, I create earrings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets that emulate the beauties of nature.


MetaTerra Designs
I create copper crystal jewelry that has a truly unique presence and an even more unique process. Each piece takes up to 3 days to complete in a process that involves chemistry, physics, and sculpture. I believe my work is a current commodity and would do well at your fair.


Murphy Originals, LLC
Consciously sourced diamonds, other precious and semi-precious stones are incorporated in handcrafted,fabricated designs.Featuring Keumboo, solid 22K and 14K gold that is refined in the Colorado studio (‘green’ practice metal)incorporating hot & cold connections in hand fabricated designs


Off Center

I design and hand fabricate unique one of a kind jewelry, using Sterling Silver and Copper with semi precious stones.



Retuned by Christina
Because of the various alloys used to make guitar strings, they are extremely difficult to recycle. At least 700 tons of strings end up in the dump every year. All of our jewelry is made from used, repurposed guitar strings. We work with local music shops and musicians to collect used strings.


Rynn Miller
Clean lines characterize my hand-fabricated sterling silver and gold jewelry. Natural stones are cut or altered, stacked, and hinged. The resulting layers and textures emphasize color, movement, and shape. I like to combine bright or subtle colors to highlight nature’s palette.


Sabina Jewelry
Handmade every step of the way with techniques such as metal smithing, soldering and wire wrapping. Materials used include precious and semi precious gem stones, pearls, druzzy’s, and raw artifacts all mixed with precious metals.


Shelly Birch
Each of my one-of-a-kind pieces begins with a stone that I have often cut and polished myself. The design is finished in sterling silver or copper or a combination of both. I incorporate unusual minerals, fossils, meteorites in a mix or polished and rough organic shapes in my unique art.



Sophia Martin
I get creative using different wire wrapping techniques to sculpt my jewelry. My hope is that each piece I create becomes something special to the wearer as well as communicates a little about me.


Spiritus Designs
Work features knitted metals – sterling silver, copper, bronze and/or brass – attached to focal pieces fabricated using traditional metalsmithing techniques such as fusing, granulation, sweat-soldering and bezeled stones.


Stone Feather Road
Jewelry, bags, accessories



Victoria Bradbury
I build one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. I hand pick natural stones from small businesses and family owned mines, and incorporate them into designs that are fabricated out of recycled silver, bronze and copper. My motto as an artist is – Adorn Your Body. Express Your Soul.


Wonderland Design
One of a kind hand carved and handcast beads, pendants and clasps made of sterling silver and bronze.




Wood Puzzles made of Baltic Birch. Single and Double layers. Individually cut. Hand painted and finished with 4 coats of Polyurethane finish. Sold wood toys, stools, name puzzles and games. Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Pine. Finished with non-toxic, mineral oil. Heirloom quality. Individually handmade.


Honest Tea
Cup sampling Honest Tea and Honest Kids from 10×10 tent station.



Marshmallows & Clouds Face Painting
I use only FDA approved or compliant products. I have painted faces for over 25 years. Sanitize between every color and person. Cary Liability Insurance



40 North Designs is a creative company built on hard work, originality, and precision. We are committed to building products that exceed your expectations and make us proud. Made in Boulder, Colorado.


Artwire Graphics, LLC
My work is all done freehand from copper wire that is silver plated and colored. there are no molds, patterns or manufactured addons. My only tools are pliers and cutters. During the show I am constantly demonstrating and creating new works often at the request of the customers.


B Jamin’ Custom Metals
With raw steel & stainless, I use a torch to cut & create the relief which is my work. I focus much on my imagination of trees,bringing my love of metal & nature together, making something as cold as metal alive in warm sculptures. I take pride in my patinas; no paints, pigments, or dyes are used.


Flag Forge
Mild steel hand forged using traditional and modern blacksmithing techniques



Jassi Designs
Original clay sculpture, reproduced in a resin. Stones, shells or glass applied to resin. Electroformed copper applied around entire piece.Laquered so they will not tarnish. Suitable for the home or garden. One of a kind piece.


Kiaralinda Kiaralinda
Mixed metal



Prescott Studio
Using the visual and emotional impact of brilliant color on moving steel, my work is seen as a blend of folk art, pop art, and technically advanced construction. My life-size steel kinetic animal sculptures move in the wind, and are either powder coated or have a weather proof rust patina.


Amigo Metal & Ironwork
Hand Made Stainless Steel with Tile Furniture sealed with marine varnish and colorful Metal Wall hangings painted with automotive paint and copper and brass melted and sealed with polyurethane


Recycled Designs
I use found objects and old farm machinery to create each one of a kind sculpture.



Red Nova LLC
We make stainless steel hanging yard art that spins in the wind and reflects light. The designs are done graphically then laser cut and powder coated.



Reflections in Metal
Art is created on cold steel. Welding, grinding, painting and heating techniques are used to create each design & finish.
Each piece is final finished in a clear powder coat for added protection and aesthetic appeal.


Splash of Copper LLC
Raw copper purchased from an Arizona copper mine melted in a smelter and “splashed” onto steel to create unique abstract art, then polished and given a heat patina to bring out stunning colors. Other pieces, including trees, butterflies, and hearts are created by dripping copper wire using a torch





Art Rocks Studio
Fragments of slate split thin from a slab and then shaped with pliers. These pieces are then embedded into epoxy resin sanded and buffed smooth.



Blue Mountain Turquoisie
We use rare and unique stones, shells, wood and metal to inlay an artist handle on knives and cutlery. The inlay process constitutes 21 steps from start to finish



Coleman Haberdashery
Our goods are made using American Bison Leather. We Cut, Punch, and Stitch Everything by hand…the old fashioned way. We specialize in, but aren’t limited to mens goods, Including wallets, passport holders, belts, and other accessories. we also make totes, crossbodies and women accessories


Crystal Fantasies
Jewelry for the House! Unique and whimsical glass crystal mobiles with Swarovski crystal chandelier pieces & beads, semi-precious gemstones, handmade beads & feathers!



Douglas Fountain
Traditional Feather masks and Totems on dryvit and venetian plaster.



Safe, temporary henna body art applied freehand to skin surface. My henna is organic and mixed by me in small batches. Prices $10-$75. I have design books with 100s of design suggestions or bring your own. I have 19 years experience


Fremont Stoneworx
Sandblasted stone art and graphics. Participated last year as Nevada Stoneworx



Geode Guys
They’re not just rocks, they’re geodes!



Jackalopes Ltd
I hand-craft one-of-a-kind purses from reclaimed new cowboy boots, luxurious leathers/hides and vintage belts. I don’t use any machinery, everything is hand-punched, hand-laced and hand-riveted. I also demonstrate my craft during shows to curate interest.


Lily’s Bonsai & Gifts
We grow bonsai & lucky bamboo plants, and design each of our hanging airplants/cactus. Our plants have been shaped and designed with the goal of making an exclusive and beautiful piece of living art.


P & L Enterprises
We sell dry packaged dip mixes. Using spices from a local spice house, we hand-mix the ingredients per our proprietary recipes, hand scoop and label our packs of dip mix. Our mixes have no salt, no MSG, no gluten and except for our dessert dips, no sugar.


Rachel’s Smokin BBQ
Homemade BBQ Sauce



Sky Vine Butterflies
This work highlights museum quality insects hydrated & mounted by the artist presented in elegant fine art context. Wall art & sculpture techniques include linocut inked prints, hand-made/embossed bark &.plant based papers, kiln fired glass fused/slumped/vitrigraph pulled & watercolor washes





Kitchen Woods
I take raw wood and create items for the kitchen and the home. I use hand tools and machine tools to shape wood into usable items that are both functional and pieces of art.



Janet Wilson
Reclaimed Colorado Pine trees are used to create functional art for the home. Benches, Ottomans, Bar Stools are cut by chain saw, sanded, stained and lacquered. Covered with cowhide, leather, suede and sheep. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.


Jeremy Kaiser
This art is created from aspen bark that has survived a forest fire. The fire naturally tempers the bark making it a sturdy material to work with. The pictures are hand-cut into the bark using a scroll saw. A light coat of polyurethane is applied to the bark to bring out the natural color.


Jim Eberle
Band saw boxes are made by laminating boards together and shaping with a band saw. The boxes typically have flowing lines and are sanded then finished with 4 hand rubbed coats of tung oil. Some boxes are made from tree limbs or stumps.


Patricia McLernon
I design and build products for the home from parts of retired wine barrels, including large pieces-table, cooler to smaller items- wine rack, trays, candle holders, lazy susan. Tools used include handsaw, router, drill press, sander, etc.


Spice Traders Music
We make hand-drums, didgeridoos, strands of bells, hand percussion instruments, and related accessories. We weave rope & cord; stretch rawhide; cut, glue, sand, turn & carve, stain or decoupage wood; texture and shape PVC with sandpaper and heat; sew fabric with decorations; macramé cotton & satin.
http://Facebook: Spice Traders Music


We hand make fine wooden kitchen utensils from wood we salvage from around the southwest. Woods include mesquite, pecan, apple, apricot, cherry, walnut, reclaimed red wine barrel staves. Our process includes much hand work and some machining to put a fine sanded finish on each piece


Turn Turn Woodworking
I lathe-turn wooden bowls (live edge and traditional/African and Domestic woods) and plates, and specialize in Banksia pod ornaments. I also turn acrylic tools, and deer antler pens. While the majority of my work is functional/ornamental, I will be adding some fine-art, sculptural pieces this year.


Woodwork for You
All items are individually turned on a wood lathe using different types of wood.