Upcoming Shows

Steamboat Creates has three gallery spaces at The Depot Arts Center: the Main Gallery, Platform Gallery, and Bliss Hall. The exhibits change out on a monthly basis, with opening receptions during First Friday Artwalk. Riverwalk Collective has a group show in the Main Gallery every month except October, November, and December.

January 2024. Jillian Tomlinson – Handweaving Elements. Bliss Hall.
Local handweaver Jillian Tomlinson works with her favorite natural wools and earthen fibers to showcase her latest collection of textiles inspired by social-ecocentric relationships. This exhibit will also incorporate the tools that bring her creations to life. She hopes to open up visitors & collectors to this ancient yet newfound world of weaving.

February 2024. Emmanuelle VitalBois & Vie. Bliss Hall.

A lumber exploration through sculptures and prints that vary in form and shades, highlighting the history and character of wood; capturing the essence of the purity and intricacy of our surrounding forests and trees and everyday building material, prized for its standardization, and yet often overlooked for its inherent beauty.

February 2024. Emma Friedland – Flora. Platform Gallery.

Emma enjoys using plants as a subject to explore deep value contrasts and vibrant colors. The bright, playful color and the oversized portrayal of plants provide a modern display of classic techniques of scumbling and layering of translucent colored paint. Elements of chiaroscuro can be seen in some works as well.

March 2024. Tony Urbick – Mountain Psychedelia. Bliss Hall.

This exhibit will accompany a collaborative fundraising event with Steamboat’s Mountain Tap Brewery for a night of music at the Depot by local Grateful Dead cover band, Head’s All Empty. This exhibit will provide gallery-wide art coverage and “be-in” alcove decoration installation, highlighting themes related to the wonder of nature, the magic of everyday, optical illusions, new ways of seeing & more. Details & tickets to come, join us!

March 2024. Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition – Crane-Inspired Creative Arts Scholarship Contest. Platform Gallery.

Visual and written art submitted by seniors in Routt and Moffat Counties as part of the Creative Arts Scholarship Contest. The work is inspired by and must accurately reflect our Rocky Mountain Greater Sandhill Cranes. Winners of this contest get a scholarship for continuing education.

April 2024. Students from Adult Art Classes at the Depot Arts Center – Creative Sampler. Bliss Hall.

See the work artists have created from popular classes & programs that are held at the Depot Arts Center of Steamboat Creates. Each class meets weekly to push their skills trying new compositions, mediums, exercises, and techniques. This exhibit is a showcase to share with our community what local artists have been working on in Bliss Hall this year. To submit work you created in a class at Bliss Hall please click here.

April 2024. Local Student Exhibition – Student Engagement in the Creative Process. Platform Gallery.

Students from Steamboat Springs School District levels K-8 at SGS, SCE, SPE and SSMS, present artwork completed in art class with the instruction of their teachers, Erin Branscum, Garret Bock, Christie Stepan, and Daniel Frank. The artwork revolves around the theme of engagement in the creative processes, which aligns to the visual art curriculums and goal of teaching children how to engage in their artmaking and adapt their creative processes through the viewing of higher level artwork within the school communities, community-based art, and/or being exposed to different influential artists.

May 2024. Celebrating Cabaret by the staff of Steamboat Creates. Bliss Hall.

Going back through the archives of Cabaret over the years, an exhibition to feature well-made memories and highlights of past performances will be on display for the month during which Cabaret takes place.

May 2024. Jack DeCrette, Raven McLaughlin, Henri Ridder – Taking Up Space. Platform Gallery.

A mixed-media, soft wearable, sculpture exhibit inspired by queer experiences and unconventional fashion. Using as much upcycled material as possible, the high school artists want to collaborate to create wearable art to make a statement. They aim to turn their personal experiences and stories into wearable art and show others they can too.

June 2024. Yampa Valley Sustainability Council – Insight: Art for Climate Action. Bliss Hall.

YVSC believes that art is a powerful way to educate around climate science and communicate sustainability efforts to a wider community. Art enables us to combine intricate scientific topics with beauty and emotion, allowing us to connect with our own hummanness. We value art as an important means of communicating science and inspiring action, and Insight: Art for Climate Action has been built with those intentions in mind. This exhibit will offer a wider audience for an extended time to view and bid on the featured work that is part of the annual Insight event YVSC puts on each summer. For more information or if you are an artist interested in submitting your work, please visit https://yvsc.org/insight-art-for-climate-action/.

July 2024. Paula Izydorek – Improv-cess. Bliss Hall.

Paula’s paintings conceptually observe how submersion in the surrounding environment affects one’s biochemistry. My creative process is based on spontaneity and discovery which reveals a meditative rawness to my audience and influences an openness to possibilities. All materials/subject matters are safe for viewers of various ages, faiths and abilities.

August 2024. Noah Wetzel – Surreal Perspectives. Bliss Hall.

Within our natural world, there are vivid landscapes and striking moments that inspire. Aesthetic beauty surrounds us if we know where to look and how to imagine. Whether perceived with the naked eye, or manipulating light and composition, this photographic journey explores the different perspectives within authentic moments, revealing surreal layers often overlooked.

September 2024. Caracol Purpura Mexican Artist Collective – Mexican Heritage Month. Bliss Hall.

Taller Caracol Purpura is an atelier of graphic production established in Mexico City in 2000. The studio has been working for more than 20 years side by side with great and renowned artists, as well as young creators with excellent inventiveness and skills. Come by to witness an exhibit to celebrate Mexican Heritage Month.

December 2024. Artist Member Show – Winter Wonderland. Main Gallery.

In celebration of the holidays and winter’s arrival, artist members of Steamboat Creates present “Winter Wonderland” to celebrate the wonders of winter in Steamboat Springs. Holiday in the Rockies, full of holiday festivities with 20+ local vendors, also takes place during this time. Perfect opportunity for plenty of gift-giving! Image: Misty Brever