Pivot Point: Creative Tools for Personal Empowerment

Join us & learn new creative ways to deal with difficult emotions

2021 Workshops for LGBTQIA+, families and allies will begin in September!

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Pivot Point was made possible through a generous grant from Arts in Society and Next 50 Initiative. Arts in Society is a collaborative grant-making program that fosters cross-sector work through the arts by supporting the integration of arts and culture into multiple disciplines critical to the health and well-being of Coloradans.

Next 50 Initiative promotes independence and dignity for the aging population, to include the needs of low and moderate income persons, encompassing individuals with physical, cognitive and/or behavioral disabilities, by encouraging and supporting innovative, affordable and coordinated services and initiatives.

Through artistic expression, mindfulness practice and mental health support, participants discover new ways of expressing themselves, being present, and applying creative coping skills for a strengthened sense of personal empowerment. If you, or someone you know, wants a safe space to explore creativity, Pivot Point video classes provide a supportive environment with a diversity of creative activities.

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Expressive Movement video class

Materials needed: Just room to dance!

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Dance is the universal language. In combination with guided mindfulness exercises, Scott Goodhart uses Expressive Movement through gentle movements and postures to help the body feel good. Scientific studies prove that when the body feels good, the mind feels good too. Dancing releases endorphins that help the body reduce stress. Expressive movement helps you connect with your true self and allows you to work through emotions with movement.

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What is expressive movement all about? Watch this short video to get a sense:

Expressive Writing video class

Materials needed: Notebook and pen/paper or computer. Your choice.

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In combination with guided mindfulness exercises, this four-day writing workshop provides a life-long foundation for exploring and releasing stress and grief through expressive writing, based on the teachings of James Pennebaker, PhD. If you are experiencing feelings of uncertainty, fear or anxiety around COVID-19 or recent upheavals in your/our world, join Dagny McKinley, writing instructor, to begin the process of letting go.

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What is expressive writing all about? Watch this short video to get a sense:

Sonic Arts TANK Mind video class – COMING SOON

Materials needed: Headphones recommended.

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This Sonic Arts TANK Mind Class is meant to bring you into a deeper awareness of the sonic space around you and a mindful practice that can benefit you in other areas of your life bringing a sense of peace and joy. Class is led by Sonic guides Samantha Wade and Michael Van Wagoner from a world-class sonic resource and recording venue in Rangely, Colorado called the Tank Center for Sonic Arts.

What is sonic arts all about? Watch this short video to get a sense:

Mandala and Art Journaling with Suzy Holloran and Jo Anne Grace

Materials needed:
– Watercolor paper & watercolors OR Canvas & paint
– ink (black or brown)
– brushes
– pastels/watercolor pencils/markers (your choice!)
Supply kits are available for pick-up at the Depot Art Center

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pivot-point-mandala-and-art-journaling-tickets-146981127509

Join Suzy Holloran for this inspirational workshop designed to explore our universal oneness. How are we different? How are we the same? We will tap into our strengths and our weaknesses using all four senses: thinking, feeling, sensing and intuition. The circle or mandala, the universal symbol of wholeness, gives us the perfect container to follow the cycles of the moon.

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pivot-point-mandala-and-art-journaling-tickets-146981127509

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Pivot Point Team Bios

Dr. Jo Anne Grace, Mental Health Professional

Dr. Jo Anne Grace is a health educator, a practical theologian and a spiritual healthcare specialist. Dr. Grace received her Ph.D. from The Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her 30-year experience as a stress/pain management specialist, a health motivation coach, a grief/trauma counselor and a spiritual director informs her teaching, writing and research about Pneumasomatic Care™ which explores the intimate connection between Spirit and body. Jo Anne integrates health-strategies from the fields of physiology, psychology and theology to encourage NeuroHealth and wholeness. Currently, Dr. Grace directs the NeuroHealth Center in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. In addition, she serves as Chaplain for Northwest Colorado Health’s Hospice Program.

Suzy Holloran, Mental Health Professional & Artist Instructor

Suzy Holloran (left) is an artist, wife, mother, grandmother, and art therapist. She has lived on a ranch just outside Steamboat Springs for the past 42 years. She and her husband and children have raised cattle, hay and a myriad of other animals throughout their time in the Yampa Valley. Her passion for art making came from her artist grandmother who bestowed upon her the belief that art makes the world more interesting and more beautiful.
As an artist, over the past several years Suzy has been exploring a different, more heartfelt, and individual way of painting. She starts each painting with several vigorous splashes of paint. Usually some anxiety surfaces in her mind, until, quite suddenly, she is presented with a beautiful horse in all its glory. She works spontaneously, using acrylic or oil glazes in a myriad of color. 
Suzy is the founder of her own private practice, Yampa Valley Art Therapy. Suzy holds a Masters Degree in Art Therapy from Pratt Institute in New York City and has been a practicing Art Therapist for 20 years. She has worked with children and adults from all walks of life through the school system and in private practice. Art therapy takes a measure of courage from an individual and, if willing to take the plunge, it can be a powerful means for healing. It continues to delight and amaze her to witness the transformation her clients are able to achieve through their art making.

Julie Noyes, Mental Health Professional

Julie Noyes is a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling candidate, 2020, currently working with college students in the Student Support office at Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC) as the Director of COSI (Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative) Programming.

She has created workshops for CNCC students that focus on improving mental health and honing study skills, as well as providing career counseling tools for students as they approach graduation. As part of the internship for her graduate program, she provides mental health services to students as well as community members.

Julie received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Psychology, and Sociology in 2000, then took an almost twenty year hiatus to raise her four children. Her areas of interest include mindfulness-based stress reduction, expressive arts therapy, feminist therapy, and emotionally-focused therapy. Having done some graduate-level theological study, she is also interested in the integration of counseling and spiritual values. She is currently studying Level 2 Gottman Method Couples Therapy through the Gottman Institute. During the 2017 season, she served as operations coordinator for the TANK Center for Sonic Arts. She is wholly devoted to both books and orange cats.

Dagny McKinley, Expressive Writing Instructor

Dagny McKinley earned her BA in English from the University of Western Ontario and her MFA in Creative Writing from Naropa University. She has published seven books including ‘The Springs of Steamboat: healing waters, sparkling soda and mysterious caves,’ ‘Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp: a history of art in nature,’ ‘The Adventures of a Girl & Her Dog’ series and ‘Wild Hearts: Dog Sledding the Rockies.’

McKinley’s articles have been published in Modern Dog, the Denver Post, Steamboat Magazine, Mountain House & Home and the Steamboat Pilot & Today. McKinley has appeared on NPR, Vail TV and Steamboat TV. She has taught for Steamboat Creates, BookTrails, Catamount and the Bud Werner Memorial Library.

Writing about emotionally sensitive topics can help improve mental health, reduce or relieve feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, guilt and shame. Creative writing allows people to distance themselves from their experience and gain control of their feelings through structure. Writing allows people to move thoughts and emotions out of their bodies and onto paper, releasing stress and anxiety and it allows writers to create a new ending to their story.

Samantha Wade, Sonic Arts Instructor

Samantha Wade grew up in Rangely, Colorado, across the road from an abandoned water tank. For years musicians and sound artists had come to Rangely to play and record in the Tank’s deep resonance. Samantha’s grandmother held the key to the place and let them in. At age 11, Samantha began participating in their sessions, singing in The Tank and learning about the recording process.

Samantha was one of Tank’s first volunteers as it became The Tank Center for Sonic Arts, a nonprofit with a recording studio, concert programming and community events. Gradually she became an official guide, known as “The Voice of The Tank,” for her singing and for encouraging visitors to sing. As a vocalist, she has been credited on many Tank recordings, including Christina Ivanna’s CD Strings of Lights, Mad Dog Friedman’s Be Tankfull, Scot Ray’s VeSseL, and Rangely A Caroling at The TANK, a CD of Christmas carols by 50 local residents. She’s been featured as a vocalist in the Los Angeles Times.

As a recording engineer, Samantha learned from The Tank’s team of professionals, including Bob Burnham, Bruce Odland, Greg Heimbecker, Mark Fuller, and Tom Wasinger, often assisting them on recording projects at The Tank. Since 2016, she has been the Tank’s Resident Engineer, recording dozens of sessions each year. In 2018, she received a Colorado Creative Industries Career Advancement Fellowship and a scholarship for a Residency at the Music District in Fort Collins.

Scott Goodhart, Expressive Movement/Dance Instructor

Scott Goodhart started his teaching career with Arthur Murray Dance Studios. In his fourth year teaching he was ranked in Arthur Murray’s top ten teachers in the world. In 2014 he moved to May I Have This Dance, voted Chicago’s Best Dance Studio 2015. He’s been fortunate to have worked with some of the best coaches in the world and now specializes in teaching a wide variety of dance styles to people with a large range of skill levels, from the competitive dancer to the social hobbyist.

Scott taught with Dancing With Class to develop Social and Emotional Learning in Chicago public schools through the art of dance. Dance should be accessible to all. It builds confidence, empathy, and allows people to creatively express themselves using movement. Scott has worked with children on the autism spectrum, adapted dance for those with disabilities, Down syndrome, and helped with immersive learning for those transitioning to adulthood.

Before teaching dance, Scott focused on music, musical theater productions, art, and a number of sports. He likes to combine his knowledge of extracurricular activities to help teach in a clear way, bringing an understanding of technical concepts and artistic expression to his students.

The Tank Center for Sonic Arts, Program Partner

Partnering with Steamboat Creates in Pivot Point is The Tank Center for Sonic Arts, an unusual arts venue organized around a tank, literally, an empty seven-story water tank in Rangely, Colorado. Discovered in the 1970’s to have extraordinary acoustic resonance, a reverberation longer and richer than the Taj Mahal’s. The Tank is today a professional recording venue and concert site, as well as a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization, founded in 2013, with educational and social outreach programming. The place has become a haven for the local music community and a unique destination for artists, sonic explorers, and curious visitors who learn to listen in a whole new way. Check it out!