Steamboat Creates

Steamboat Creates from CinemaRaven on Vimeo.

Steamboat Creates, Steamboat Springs’ Creative District, nurtures the arts so creativity flourishes. We consider creatives to be not only traditional artists but also literary artists, culinary artists, design, film, theater, performing arts, and anything made by hand, from masonry to microbreweries. We see the impact of creatives not only in traditional art forms, but across a wide variety of industries.

Steamboat Creates is a space where artists can have a voice, where they can transform their dreams, emotions, perspectives, and views into art that can change the way we see the world.

In Northwest Colorado, there is a special mountain town that embraces the western heritage and pioneering spirit of the Old West. Selected because of our natural beauty and healing mineral springs, Steamboat’s rugged but practical settlers first created a market town that has since developed a unique history, embracing skiing and world-renowned Olympian heritage alongside artistic endeavors.

Steamboat’s unique mix of warm sun, cowboy boots, and friendly locals lends an inviting, laid back atmosphere to this historic Colorado resort town, where western heritage meets abundant outdoor adventure and cultural activities for all ages.

The citizens of Steamboat Springs have embraced arts, culture, and learning since the town’s founding. Before the town was incorporated, the community founded a public library, chartered a public school, and cultivated the arts. Beginning in 1915, summer students from across the nation traveled to Steamboat Springs to attend Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp. Dedication to the arts and learning still thrives through the town’s many art galleries, concerts, performances, library, museums, and schools.

More than 17 art galleries are located downtown and near the base of the ski area. Some feature nationally renowned artists while others showcase regional and local visual artists. The Steamboat Art Museum and the Depot Art Center also host exhibits. Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp, the nation’s oldest continually operating performing arts camp, offers summer programs taught by an international faculty in dance, theater, musical theater, dramatic writing and equitation for elementary through college students.