2021 Art in the Park

2021 Art in the Park

Hello Artists and Vendors!

Registration is now open for the Annual Art in the Park in stunning Steamboat Springs, Colorado, July 10-11, 2021! This beloved outdoor event invites approximately 150 artists, representing a wide array of media, to participate each year. Steamboat Springs in July is a popular destination for local and regional patrons in addition to visitors from across the country!

Artists may apply through Zapplication, here. The application deadline is April 1, 2021. 

Please note, if you applied and were accepted into the 2020 Art in the Park event, you will need to fill out the application, but will automatically be juried and accepted into the 2021 event. Due to the limited number of booth spaces available this year, if you do not apply by this deadline, you will lose your automatic jury and acceptance into the 2021 event. 

We understand that the COVID pandemic may mandate changes to meet health department requirements in place at the time of the event. Per current guidelines, these changes will be enforced:

  • Food retail vendors will not be able to provide food samples to visitors.

  • The event will be limited to 150 booth spaces, socially distanced.

  • Limited to 500 attendees at a time inside the event borders.

  • Protocols will include daily temperature checks and completed waiver forms for all vendors, masks worn at all times, hand sanitizer provided at each booth, and booths cleaned throughout the day.

  • Food and beverage vendors (ie, food trucks, lemonade stands, etc.) will be moved across the bridge to the Steamboat Creates parking lot, creating a new and fun food and beverage court easily accessible to patrons. 

We are hopeful that control of the virus will be at a level that will allow us to host Art in the Park as it has been pre-COVID, but in any event, we will ensure the experience is as safe as possible for both artists and patrons. If the in-person event is cancelled, refunds will be provided (minus the $35 application fee, which is a Zapplication fee) and juried artists would be moved to a virtual format, featuring an online gallery with social media promotion to our community and network. Automatic entry for the 2022 event would also be extended. 

We hope you can join us! 
Steamboat Creates


2020 Art in the Park Vendors

Melanie Harvey Pottery


My work is primarily wheel-thrown mid-fire functional stoneware. Each piece is fired three times total and is hand-painted with glazes and includes iron-oxide images of original drawings.

Lane Dukart Studio


Utilizing unglazed stoneware clay, each piece is individually created and decorated with original hand carved designs that reflect the culture and texture of the mountainous West. Each piece is assembled with copper wire , a one of a kind , and signed by Lane.

JL Vision


I use a slab construct technique to create each one of my dishes. My two clay bodies are icelia porcelain and navajo wheel. Cone 05, Coyote brand, food safe glazes. I wheel throw my garlic keepers and use a New York cut style on my olive dishes. Each one of my pieces are original

Ashcraft Pottery

Web Site

Wheel thrown and altered Pottery. High fired functional Stoneware with sculptural teapots.
Obvara fired decorative pottery. Obvara pots are heated to 1650 degrees and dunked in a fermenting “Brew” of Flour Yeast Sugar and water. The Brew chars on the surface and the amazing patterns appear.

Colorado Custom Clay


Hand thrown and hand made high fired functional pottery using white highfire stoneware clay. Glazes poured over each piece interacting with other glazes to create other colors, then fired in a gas fired reduction kiln to 2375 degrees (cone 10-11).

Club Mud

Web Sitehttp://clubmudd.com

All pieces are one of a kind. We create hand built, wheel thrown, high fire, alternative firing, & low fire pieces to give a twist to our yard art, Halloween, yarn & flower pot series. We create art with purpose we have functional dinnerware, banks, flower pots & bird baths that are truly unique.

K7 Pottery

Web Sitehttp://k7pottery.com

I make functional pottery and sculptural vases. Functional pottery is art that you use on a daily basis. The joy in my work is the pot reveals its beauty over time.

PAZ Clay & Fiber

Web Sitehttp://Berkeleypotters.com

I throw large, unique stoneware & RAKU vessels as well white stoneware and dark clays for functional table & serving dishes. In many of the larger vessels, I weave natural fibers into the body or on the rim of the pots.The exterior of the dark clay pots are unglazed creating contrast with glaze.

The Gourmet Potter

Web Sitepatricktuttpottery@gmail.com

vI hand-throw and hand-paint my line of functional pottery. My clay body is stoneware & porcelain. My pots are used to serve & prepare food. Each item is sold in a gift box with instructions. My website is permanently stamped on all my work. I am blessed to sell my pots in the finest fairs in the US.

Marcia Nowak

I use a white and brown high fire clay. Large sculptures are made from coils and shaping each piece into one of a kind. Using a slab roller wall hangings are made in low relief. I incorporate yarn and beads to add flavor. Small pots are made by pinching them into shape

AGILE International

Web Sitehttp://www.agile-international.org

100% hand designed and handmade from earthy materials like fruits, cotton, and wood of fallen tree barks and leaves.
Elegant Malian Dogon mask design, color doesn’t fade, roomy. Flat base with protective buttons bags stand on their own. Our brand is forward and future-focused for sustainable support

Fine Alpaca Apparel


Weave: It’s the main process in which we hand-weave with a loom the front, back, sleeves, neck, patterns of the fine alpaca pullover item. Then we sew all the pieces together lastly we finish the embroidery tags fringe extra threads then we hand wash our items with cold water for the best results.

Nancy Johnson

I create handwoven items on looms. my handwoven rag rugs are created using recycled natural materials. Placemats are made with cotton yarn or recycled material.
I also create had thrown pottery that has been created on a wheel, each pottery piece is unique.

Three Sisters Threads


Beautifully crafted Hand tied Quilts, all sizes.

Bag Maker of Taos

Web Sitehttps://handmadeleatherlove.com

Hand cut, hand sewn, (saddle stitch) leather bags/goods.
Old world techniques in a minimalist contemporary style.
Just waxed nylon thread with 4 to 7 ounce top quality buffalo and cow hide leathers, in a variety of colors, grain patterns, and tempers.

Megan Weeks

I enjoy mixing traditional techniques of leather tooling with new and unique designs to make one of a kind pieces of art. Each design begins as a hand drawn sketch which is transferred to and carved into the leather, then various stamps are used to create all the depth and detail.

Wild West Designs


Beautiful tapestry purses & bags designed using original patterns,handmade with gorgeous tapestry. All items are made from my original patterns, I cut and sew all items in my workshop in Longmont.

Kerrin Pogozelski

Web Sitehttp://www.buxiejobags.com

My work is a simple statement built with leather and cowhide for everyday use. All designs are original and tend to be limited edition based on the uniqueness of the materials and treatments used to obtain bold colors and textures. Original leather bags for the fashionable adventurer.

Cedarosa Studio

Web Sitehttp://recycledfiberbyearl.wikispaces.com
Old corduroy pants are used to create handmade paper luminairies, journals and wallpieces with some felting. Natural finds such as leaves, twigs, bark etc are incorporated into dimensional, textural creations

Cyndi Buck Design

I design & sew my work, using white fabrics then hand dye each piece in unique color combinations. I also have a line of upcycled clothing. Using castoff cashmere, I cut up & reassemble these into garments, which are hand dyed into one of a kind wearable art. All of my garments are timeless fashion


Web Site http://www.dye-namics.com
I fold patterns into garment, held in place with string or rubber bands, then paint on dye colors separately or vat dye to get desired effectI create one of a kind wearable Earth using a delicate yet involved process called Electroforming. My work is created from unique crystal specimens and the electric charge of copper.

Tiny Elephant


I am a seamstress with a passion for fine fabrics, and traditional hand-embroidery. I use handwoven cloth to fashion my own custom designed clothing. My focus is always on Earth friendly dyes and designs with an organic feel. My designs are my own and I do my own sewing.


Web Sitehttp://elisabethan.com

I make wearable collages entirely from post-consumer recycled & vintage fabrics; mostly cotton knits (t-shirts), button down oxford shirts, & cashmere sweaters. I design & make all of my patterns & use piecing, appliqué, & dyeing to achieve my combinations. Recycling is central to my work.

Brit West

Web Sitehttp://britwest.net
Creating beautiful clothing and accessories using Italian leather, deerskin, shearing, and reclaimed ranch leather. Hand stitched layered vests, purses made from 1920’s Navajo rugs, and chaps. Hatbands and belts from restored vintage saddle leather, all backed in deer skin.

Diane Harty Millinery

Web Sitehttp://dianeharty.com

I stitch each hat myself, creating the various shapes using tension with my hands as I stitch. This requires an antique chainstitch sewing machine fitted with millinery attachments. This free form construction allows me to approach each hat as a unique sculpture. No premade forms or molds.

Beth B Art


I create abstract art pieces using various acrylic paint fluid art techniques on various substrates including art canvases, wood panels and ceramic tiles. My inspiration begins with love of color and culminates in very unique creations. All pieces are finished with acrylic varnish or epoxy resin.

Jane Johnson Art

Web Sitehttp://janejohnsonart.com

Fluid acrylic on canvas or yupo paper, a synthetic substrate using brushes brayers and water to move paint. All originals no reproductions.

Jennifer Hammond

Web Sitehttps://www.JeniferHammond.com

Conceptual pieces using acrylic paint, metal leaf, ink (containing original poetry) and epoxy resin.

Christine Adele Arts

Web Sitehttps://ChristineAdeleArts.com
I use layers of oil or acrylic paints/mediums to depict subconscious/symbolic images. My paintings are often representational but the layers express more than the meaning of the surface image. Painting is a therapeutic, cathartic process for me and I let the subjects matter evolve with the process.I digitally illustrate and sometimes do watercolor, or a combo of the two.

Yoram Gal Studio

Web Sitehttps://hwww.yoramgal.co.il
acrylic + all H2O soluble paints, lyrical, comic, dramatic human scenes, landscapes, my joy of life.

Time Vault Treasurers

Created from old authentic vinyl albums that were on their way to the garbage we are up-cycling and turning them into amazing unique art and concepts. We created our own computer software to design and assist with cutting, which we then turn into clocks and framed art pieces.


Karen Dryer

Web Sitehttp://karenedreyer.com

Oil on canvas or cradled wood panel

Sarah Phippen Artistry

Web Sitehttp://www.sarahphippen.com
I paint in oils using a variety of old master’s techniques on a high quality oil primed linen. Many of my paintings are from plein air, sketches, photos, memory and imagination. This allows me to balance the details with overall impact within each piece.Husband and Wife collaborative artists on canvas. Using the techniques of the old masters they create atmospheric color, depth, and light in the oil painting. Theirs is a unique blend of realism and impressionism, inspired by their travels.

Freestone Studio

Web Sitehttp://www.scotthalefineart.com

I create my work in soft pastel. I start by creating my own surface — with a textured and tinted, made-for-pastel gesso, that I brush onto board. Once the textured surface is dry, I build up layers of soft pastel with a light touch.

Alicia Keyser

Web Sitehttp://aliciakeyser.com

All my drawings are from photographs I took myself while hiking or exploring Colorado or neighboring states. I work from those photos using colored pencil on paper to create my work. The drawings are them mounted to wood panels, and coated with clear resin.

rKoepsell Photography, LLC

Web Sitehttp://photos2rock2.com

Unique lighting or abstract motion captures an emotional depth within the image. Facemounted museum acrylic w/ pearl metallic print medium for a reflective/lustrous quality. Archival rating of 200 yrs. Designer framing or artisan steel with patina finished in copper, bronze, black or graphite.

Alex Burke Photography

Web Sitehttp://www.alexburkephoto.com

Wilderness landscapes created using large format 4×5″ sheet film developed by the artist. A slow, methodical approach with a view camera and rigorous effort backpacking into the wild ensures images that stray from the standard landscape icons. Archival pigment prints crafted in editions of 150.

Back Roads Photography

Web Sitehttp://curtisghentphotography.com

The body of my work is with natural slate or oxidized porcelain tile. Images are printed on museum quality archival photo paper an laminated with a scratch and fade resistant coating. The larger images are a dye infused aluminum framed float which creates a 3D or floating effect within the frame.

Timmermeyer Nature & Wildlife Gallery

Web Sitehttps://www.timmermeyergallery.com
Nature and Wildlife Giclee prints traditionally framed behind glass and modern floats up to 96″. Everything is framed with gorgeous 3″ real oak/walnut moulding. Fuji Crystal archival prints, Baryta Prints, and Canvas

Greg Gawlowski Photography

Web Sitehttps://www.FourSeasonsPress.com

The light, landscape, colors, and ancient cultures of the Southwest are a favorite subject of mine.

Lizzy’s Shutterbug Studio

Web Sitehttp://lizzysshutterbugstudio.godaddysites.com

We use a Canon rebel digital camera. We also use an Epson printer to print the photographs.

Corey Anthony Photography

Web Sitehttp://www.coreyanthonyphotography.com
I am a landscape photographer that applies long exposure techniques for much of my work whether it is to smooth out water, or capture the night sky. I use gradient filters to even out my exposure between the sky and foreground, so that I do not shoot HDR. Meaning my photographs are single exposures.

Josh Meier Photography

Web Sitehttp://joshmeierphotography.com

Fine art nature photography emphasizing originality and adept camera technique, processed skillfully to create authentic renditions of beautiful moments captured in time. Signed and numbered editions limited to 100 pieces, using only the highest quality archival materials.

Mountain Sky Images: Photography by Carie & Danny

Web Sitehttps://www.mountainskyimages.com
Original, custom photography artwork from the artist is printed with museum quality archival inks. Images are printed and displayed using the best medium to complement the colors, depth, and texture of each unique photograph in the artist’s fine art photography portfolio.

Scott Cordner Photography

Web Sitehttps://www.scottcordner.com
A desire to mimic nature in view and execution ensures my work is sustainably made using cotton papers and canvas that offer depth, mounted in handmade, hardwood frames enhanced with natural Tung oil.

Walden Watercolors

Web Sitehttp://www.waldenwatercolors.com
Painting with only 3 colors, water is used generously to pull colors into sweeping movements. The emotional quality of the works is enhanced by a strong, intentional use of light, where lines and highlights are left untouched by paint. Salt and splatter add texture and depth.

Montano Art

Web Sitehttps://www.instagram.com/montano_art/
I strive to connect the science of zoology and ecology with the visual medium of art. I use a multitude of mediums such as watercolors, inks, charcoals, and oils to create a striking, intriguing image depicting wildlife and nature, utilizing the properties of each mediums such as drips and smears.

A Glass Hole

Web Sitehttps://aglasshole.com
All pieces of my art is made of glass. All items are handmade hand-painted and kiln-fired by me in my studio in Utah, using high quality glass. All items are are original designs. Functional serving pieces and jewelry

Linda Backus Art Glass

Blown glass vessels w/ designs of murrini & lampworked cane. The designs are incorporated into the piece while it is being created. Some pieces are created using the Incalmo (joined bubble) technique.

Crystal D’llusions


Designs are cast in silver from wax or metal prototypes and set with opals & gemstones or inlaid with stones, many of which are unique such as larimar & sugilite. I use a wide variety of natural stones including moldavite, eudialyte, charoite, seraphinite, moonstone, onyx and more.

Designs By Lisa

Web Sitehttps://www.designsbylisajewelry.com

I design and create one of a kind pieces of wearable art jewelry using semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, sterling silver, crystals, seed beads and fibers. I do bead embroidery, knot, weave, wire, and the old world art of Japanese Shibori.

Shelly Birch

Web Sitehttp://www.shellybirch.com

One-of-a-kind contemporary jewelry by Colorado designer, Shelly Birch. Known for using unusual gemstones in organic natural forms, many hand cut & polished by me. Known for the juxtaposition of polished & rough stones.


Web Sitehttp://www.Inspirations-ahs.com
Quality stones used to string, set & inlay on sterling silver and fine hand cut leather creating a SW Contemporary line of jewelry. We use silver smithing techniques and inlay stones, sterling & 14 kt gold fill on leather creating a sizable cuff that we guarantee against breaking.

Caleb Barnaby Designs

Web Sitehttp://www.calebbarnabydesigns.com

I make intricate pieces of wearable art from brass, silver, found objects and semi-precious stones. Textures are created by etching, hammering and patina. Metals are then hand-cut, forged and soldered. Hidden designs and details make each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Niyol Jewelry

Web Sitehttp://www.niyoljewelry.com

I use everything from forging and wire-wrapping to soldering and lost wax casting to create my designs. I create with recycled silver, gold-fill and gold along with brass and AAA grade-gemstones. I use abstract forms to create classic, clean designs that I hope remain timeless.

LeGrande Jewelry and leather

Web Sitehttp://www.legrandejewelry.com

Using quality semiprecious stones, pearls and antique buttons to create classic hand knotted jewelry and woven leather creations. Quality and detail are of the utmost importance.

Lyra Fiset

Web Sitehttp://www.lyracismjewelry.com

Each piece of my work is lovingly created by hand with semi-precious gemstones combined with precious metal. I use my background as a silversmith to hand fabricate pendants, findings and other focal elements. Some of the techniques include: sawing, hammering, soldering, burnishing & wire wrapping.

Hand and Spirit Jewelry

Web Sitehttp://handandspiritjewelry.com
Sterling, 18 & 22 kt. gold, precious stones and jaspers.
Fused metals. Reticulation and forming.
All stones are bezel, prong or tube set. Each piece starts with sheet and wire, all hand fabrication.
Patinas are used to highlight texture in the metal.

Sompong’s designs


Delicate whimsical inspired necklace contain semi-precious stone such as Ruby, Amythist,Peridot,Pearl, and more.
Fun&funky things display mineature ringmade of polymer clay.
Bonze symbols bracelet with meaningful symbols wax cotton bracelet. And much more.

Artful Hand

Web Sitehttp://rawhidestudio.com
Cutting, sanding, punching, painting & dying the material, using many techniques from the saddle making trade & contemporary jewelry fabrication, I have developed a line of jewelry using natural rawhide that complements the style of the contemporary jewelry scene with a western flair.

The Jewelry Smith, llc

Web Sitehttp://TheJewelrySmith.com

A variety of materials & techniques are used which is my business strength & description weakness. Jewelry may vary from hammered necklaces to a 2-part epoxy belt buckle design. My specialty is offering a variety of styles & price points so that every customer can afford an original piece of jewelry

Wonderland Design


One of a kind hand carved and hand cast beads, pendants and clasps made of sterling silver and bronze.

Brit West

Web Sitehttp://www.britwest.net

My work is best known for the vintage “reclaimed ranch” leather. From this I create beautiful cuffs, hatbands, belts and buckles, with gem quality American turquoise and sterling silver conchos. Many found objects are used in my work, from 1800’s buckles to early 1900’s ranch leather.

Sabina Jewelry

Web Sitehttp://www.sabinajewelry.com

I pride myself on attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. My designs are airy & chic featuring natural artifacts, gemstones & precious metals. I am a goldsmith who specializes in wire wrapping.

Lucky Tree Studio

Web Sitehttp://luckytree.studio/

Mindfully made, sustainable bamboo accessories & decor designed & crafted by husband & wife team. Inspired by nature & contemporary styles, each piece starts as a sketch then laser cut out of bamboo, hand finished, painted & assembled into jewelry, accessories, magnets, wall hangings & more.

Neil Herman

Web Sitehttp://theharringtoncollection.com

14K gold and sterling silver jewelry. Hand-fabricated and lost wax cast unique designs. precious and semi-precious gemstones used in most designs. many of the semi-precious gemstones used are artist cut.

Silver & Stone


My name is Sarah Schneider and I am a metalsmith, mainly working in Sterling Silver to create jewelry pieces that are beautiful, unique, and well made. My specialties are bezel stone setting, handmade chains, and incorporating mixed metals such as gold, copper, and brass.

Lazy J Concepts

Web Sitehttps://www.lazy-j-concepts.ueniweb.com

I am a lapidary artist, someone who cut stones to be set in jewelry and a metalsmith. I like to focus primarily on the stone design and appearance. Most people buy stones from someone, but I have the advantage of cutting them with a final vision in mind. I let my stones do the talking, not my metal.

Melody Sauceda

Web Sitehttps://www.monarchofsantafe.com/

I hand cut, stamp Various gages of the thickness of Sterling Silver to create ancient symbols and channels that will be inlaid with hand pick gem-quality precious stones. Each stone will is hand-cut & high polished or left in its natural form to capture the vibrant hues of each glorious stone.

Pamela Park

Web Sitehttp://PamelaParkDZNS

I create beautiful jewelry from sustainable and locally sourced materials when ever possible. I do lapidary, metal smithing and metal clay. I am inspired by beauty and joy, and I hope that my work inspires the wearer of my pieces to notice beauty and experience joy.

Creative Effects Co.

Web Sitehttp://lindarae.com

Handcrafted Contemporary Jewelry in Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Niobium and Recycled Aluminum with semi-precious gemstones: Turquoise, Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot, Lapis, Labradorite, Sonora Sunrise and Pearls. Earrings, Bracelets, Pendants and Necklaces. Also digital art “wall jewelry”

Tahoe Fire Glass

Web Sitehttp://Tahoefireglass.com

I handcut my fused glass from sheets of glass. We use patterns in our dichro. My husband, Mike, does the torchwork on our beads. Each piece is wrapped by us with 14kt gold fill or sterling silver.

Artrageous Accessories


Award-winning statement necklaces intricately created with cascades of fine gemstones wirewrapped with sterling (using original techniques) onto original lost wax sterling cast pendants

Leather Again

Web Sitehttps://leatheragainLA@etsy.com

I reclaim, and up-cycle old barn tack into wearable jewelry and hatbands. I combine the leather with a lot of sterling silver and stones to make unique pieces. My tack comes from local, Yampa Valley ranches, adding a story to each piece. I also upcycle native watch tips into Apple Watch Bands.

Fabulous Faces by Linda


I do Face Painting and glitter tattoos. My face painting uses the finest FDA approved artist paints and I enhance my designs with glitters, gels and handmade jewel clusters.
I also make handmade flower halos that the gals love.

Marshmallows & Clouds Face Painting

Face Painting has been my passion for nearly 30 years. I truly love what I do and I strive to show kindness and respect to everyone that approaches my booth. Sanitation is practiced stringintly. My brushes are sanitized between every color and person. FDA approved or compliant products are used.

Amigo Metal

Stainless Steel with Tile Furniture sealed with marine varnish and colorful metal wall hangings with copper and brass and automotive paint sealed with polyurethane

Douglas Knives

Custom folders, cutlery, hunting and fishing knives with hand made custom sheaths. The metals include Damascus and Stainless Steel. The handles are made from wood, pine cone, cactus, gemstones, and fossilized bone or antler.

Spiral Moon Designs

Web Sitehttps://spiralmoondesigns.com

As primarily a metalworker, the majority of my work gives life to vintage metal tools such as old hand saws, saw blades, shovel heads, etc. My process involves transferring all of my own hand drawn designs onto these old pieces of metal and then cutting out the designs by hand with a plasma torch.

Malen Pierson

Web Sitehttp://malenpierson.com
I use found objects and old farm machinery to create each sculpture

Desert Steel

Web Sitehttps://hwww.desertsteel.net

Galvanized and Corten steel is plasma cut, formed and shaped by hand, then welded and sprayed with a patina finish in order to achieve an organic realistic interpretation of the real subject.

Reflections in Metal

Web Sitehttp://www.reflectionsinmetal.com

Art is created in cold rolled steel. Welding, grinding, painting & heating techniques are used to create each design & finish.
Each piece is final finished in a clear powder coat for added protection & a high
gloss finish.

East West Arts

Web Sitehttp://east-westarts.com
I construct ceramic forms, glaze and fire them. I then lacquer my watercolor paintings that I have done on rice paper onto various areas of these ceramic forms.

Lisa Hohertz

Web Sitehttp://Www.lisahohertz.com
Creating is my passion and along with my over eager imagination I create one of kind, unique assemblages and collages using found objects, trinkets, cast offs and ephemera. I occasionally will incorporate hand made clay attributes, such as faces, hands and feet. Each tell their own story.

Heartwood Artist

Web Sitehttp://Facebook.com/susanelliot.heartwoodartist

One of a kind originals on paper & wood panels created using brilliant acrylics, inks, textures, metal leaf, & found objects from our travels such as stones, wood, & feathers. I use trees/stones to mimic human behavior with whimsy, humor, & bits of wisdom.

Leashes by Liz

Web Site http://www.leashesbyliz.com

Hand braided paracord dog leashes and collars. Our multipurpose leashes are designed with form, function, and fashion in mind.

Lily’s Bonsai & Gifts


We grow and shape bonsai and lucky bamboo plants, and uniquely design each of our hanging airplants and cactus. Each of our plants have been shaped and designed with the goal of making an exclusive and beautiful piece of living art which is different from every other piece.

Felix Stone Art Creations

Web Sitehttps://www.stoneartgalleryparkcity.com

My medium is multi-mixed, using acrylic, latex paint & sand mortar, on stone, concrete, canvas & bark paper. Most of the images I paint, carve & sculpt, are combined with the natural contours & attributes, the substraight provides. I paint landscapes, horses, wildlife & indigenous people.

Frank Falk

Email: iHorns4U@gmail.com

Historically Significant Cellphone amplifiers – antique wood, bakelite or metal conical items are brazed with copper, appliqued with leather and painted. Principles of Physics provides the amplification.

Jen G Studios

Web Sitehttps://www.jengstudios.com
My artwork is a combination of screenprint, woodcut, monoprint, sewing and mixed-media on paper and fabric. I create unique designs with handmade elements, original fine art prints on paper, mountain range kitchen towels, baby onesies, tote bags, hand-printed greeting cards, and recycled books.

David & Robin Mosier

I hand cut my copper blades, form each by hand to shape into a compound curve, then I artistically position each blade onto a hand forged, stainless steel framework. My KINETIC WIND SCULPTURES are curvilinear parallelograms appearing to shrink & expand at slower speeds & pulsate at higher speeds.

Suzi’s Baskets


Handwoven baskets woven out of a reed prepared for weaving. They have either woven or wood bases. Handles are either wood, metal, ceramic or reed. I incorporate color in most of the baskets I weave. Some have designs, some have legs or ball feet. Finished baskets are stained with a wood stain.

The Blossoming Boho

Web Sitehttp://www.theblossomingboho.com

All of my pieces are resin poured on canvas. My “3D Geode” pieces are canvas constructed to give the 3D effect and also include real Quartz Points as well as glass and stones.

Slantbrush Studio

Web Sitehttps://slantbrushstudio.com

So I did not see a medium category for furniture so I am classifying my art as Mixed media. I use a wide variety of mixed media including wood, metal, epoxy, plexiglass, stone, and concrete. My art all has a one of its kind feel with extreme variance in techniques applied to each piece.

Ancient Walls Inc.

Web Sitehttp://www.brianbillowart.com

I start with canvas and wood panels Plaster texture, acrylic and acid oxidized paints, metal leaf and a molten metals process I developed in copper, brass and aluminum, tar antique, varnish and epoxy

Wayne Gao


Free hand painted designs and own glazes which make vertical and 3D line on slab of cay, firing in high temperature kiln. The artworks are designed both to hang and as furniture in wrought iron stands.

Makaio Design

Web Sitehttps://www.facebook.com/MakaioDesign

Multiple paint & ink mediums combined with illustration and photography

Rocky Mountain Raptor Program

Web Sitehttp://rmrp.org

The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program serves northern Colorado to rescue and rehabilitate injured raptors, provide education about raptors. We will bring 3 live ambassador raptors to share, along with a variety of raptor themed merchandise to sell, and collect donations to support our work.

Stone Art Studios

Web Sitehttps://www.stoneartstudiosCO.com

Each sculpture we create is hand carved, shaped, and polished from rare mineral specimens found all over the world. The trickiest part of our process is finding the center of gravity and drilling each piece so that it can rotate independently of the base (not able to convey in still images).

Art Rocks Studio

Web Sitehttps://Www.artrocksstudio.net

Slate stone split thin from a slab. These slivers are shaped with pliers and then embedded in epoxy resin.

Sky Vine Butterflies

Web Sitehttp://truebutterflies.com

This work features museum quality insects hydrated & mounted by the artist presented in an elegant fine art context. Arrangements of clean form & patterning are enhanced with mixed media backgrounds to include linocut inked prints, hand embossed paper, fused/ slumped glass & watercolor.

Coleman Haberdashery

Email: Colemanshaberdashery@gmail.com

Our Steamboat based Husband and Wife Company creates ALL American Bison leather accessories. Our process for each item includes, cutting, punching, stitching and finishing without the use of any machines. We create a wide range of accessories that fit the Mountain Modern Lifestyle.

Small+Mighty Handmade

Web Sitehttps://www.etsy.com/shop/smallmightyhandmade

I fit into a few different categories and therefor I selected “other”. I create block prints on fabric and paper media (tea towels, baby onesies, shirts, bags, journals, greeting cards, etc.). I hand carve and hand print all items. Fabric inks are heat set by hand to allow for washing.

Risk E Business

Web Sitehttp://www.LotionInABar.com

We make hand crafted LOTION Bars made with healthy ingredients, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond OIL and Beeswax. It is an all over body and hand conditioning bar. With no water , alcohol,or fillers. Our bars have a natural spf15 and a natural germicidal. They are great for traveling.

Hill Co.

Web Sitehttps://Www.beyondhillcompany.com

We creat fun and edgy soap that is all natural that conditions well. We cater to every skin type and never use any harsh chemicals in any of our products . We do both hot and cold process for our soaps.
Our bath bombs all foam and bubble that leaves your skin feeling super moisturized.

Winters’ Blessings Soap Co.

Web Sitehttp://wintersblessingsoap.com

We make high quality handcrafted cold processed goat milk soap, goat milk lotion, sugar scrubs and lip balms using milk from our own herd of dairy goats.

Calico Lagoon


Colored pencils are mainly used on materials such as wood, rock, sea glass, and shells with a gesso base. Paint pens are used sometimes. The small skeletons are made from various found organic materials.

TL Wood Design

Web Sitehttp://tracylytlewoodesign.com/

Hand carved, painted wood boxed wall hangings. wood, acrylic paint, finished with polyurethane.


Web Sitehttps://www.mtnwoodworks.net

I find wood in various places, in various forms, and transform it into reclaimed wood art. A majority of the wood used is pulled from local construction dumpsters. The landfill recieves less waste and I source unique wood to craft with. I use paints and stains to enhance grain and texture.


Web Sitehttp:// spoonwright.com

My sons and I salvage hardwoods from around the southwest to make fine wood kitchen utensils like spoons, spatulas, spreaders, salad sets, ladles, cutting boards and more. Our woods include mesquite, maple, apple, apricot, pear, walnut, pecan, beach, ash, hickory, cherry & red wine barrel staves



Hand slabbed and crafted, epoxy resin highlighted dinning and river tables with matching benches.

Departure Fabrication

Web Sitehttp://www.departurefabrication.com

I create distinctive, heirloom quality furniture: equal in art and function. With unique wood species, custom steel bases, or the perfect “live edge,” each piece is one of a kind.

Denny Melancon


Using a wood lathe and master craftsman skills I create stunning functional art. Exotic woods from Hawaii, Central America and the Caribbean. Beautiful super glue durable and smooth finish. Pepper mills, coffee grinders, rustic wood American flags, pens, seam rippers , earrings and letter openers.



I use raw wood and acrlic/resin materials to turn pens, pencils, bottle stoppers, bottle openers, seam rippers, letter openers, spinning tops, magic wands, bangles and rings. I use various shop tools and my a lathe to create my products.



Toys are solid hardwoods – walnut, cherry, maple, oak. All toys are made by hand and have 4 coats of mineral oil. Custom name puzzles, stools made of Maple. Stools finished with 5 coats water-based polyurethane. Puzzles individually cut from Baltic Birch, 5 coats polyurethane finish.

JMW Leathers


Reclaimed Colorado pine trees are used to create functional art for the home. Each piece is cut by chain saw, sanded, stained and lacquered. These are solid logs and are meant to last. Ottomans and benches can be used for extra seating, foot rest or accent/rustic piece for the home.

“Outside the Box” Boxes


Band saw boxes are hand crafted by laminating pieces of wood together and shaping with a band saw. Drawers are made with flowing lines. They are then sanded smooth and 4 coats of tung oil are applied. Some boxes are more rustic and are made from tree limbs.

Mark Mahorney

Web Sitehttps://mark.mahorney.com

I do bas / low relief wood carvings on professionally constructed charred wood panels, and permanently sealed. My art is primarily a sculptural wood carving, given it is produced by carving away the charred wood in relief to form the image, but resemble paintings and are sometimes enhanced with pain