Art in the Park


During these times of uncertainty, we hope this message finds you safe at home. To allow artists flexibility in planning summer events, Steamboat Creates is extending the Art in the Park early bird application deadline to May 1, 2020. Additionally, if circumstances require cancelling or rescheduling the event, artists who paid booth fees will receive a refund or have the option of being pre-paid for 2021 event booth fee.

Same weekend as the Hot Air Balloon Rodeo just minutes away, these events offer artistry and color both on canvases and in the air making this weekend a staple of Steamboat Springs, Colorado in the summertime!

Art in the Park is free to the public and features nearly 160 artist vendors, live entertainment, food vendors, and an interactive children’s art area. This popular and successful event takes place on July 11th and 12th over Hot Air Balloon Rodeo Weekend, which draws large crowds through a weekend of fun and excitement. Around 10,000 people attend our festival located in West Lincoln Park, on the west end of downtown Steamboat Springs in beautiful Northwest Colorado.

*Limited to 160 juried artists in a lovely park setting
*Estimated Attendance 10,000
*Friday Set-Up
*Extensive PR and marketing
*Fabulous team of volunteers and staff to help you throughout the weekend
*Jury fees: $35
*Steamboat Creates member discount on booths
*Jury and Booth Fees increase after April 30th.
*Steamboat Springs is a Certified Creative District by the state of Colorado



2019 Art in the Park Vendors

AMS Pottery

Today, usability and function are characteristics that play a major part in the production of Andrew’s pieces. He tries to create visual movement in the clay forms, making an aesthetic balance between functional design and creative art. His work is fired in a reduction fired gas kiln to cone 10.

Lane Dukart Studio

Utilizing unglazed stoneware clay, each piece is individually created and decorated with original hand carved designs that reflect the culture and texture of the mountainous West. Each piece is assembled with copper wire , a one of a kind , and signed by Lane.

JL Vision

I use a slab construct technique to create each one of my dishes. My two clay bodies are icelia porcelain and navajo wheel. Cone 05, Coyote brand, food safe glazes. I wheel throw my garlic keepers and use a New York cut style on my olive dishes. Each one of my pieces are original

Ashcraft Pottery

Web Site

Wheel thrown and altered Pottery. High fired functional Stoneware with sculptural teapots.
Obvara fired decorative pottery. Obvara pots are heated to 1650 degrees and dunked in a fermenting “Brew” of Flour Yeast Sugar and water. The Brew chars on the surface and the amazing patterns appear.

Club Mud

Web Site

We create high fire work, but have now include Raku and low fire pieces to give a unique twist to our Halloween collection and flower pot series. We create art with purpose our functional pieces like our dinnerware, banks, flower pots and bird baths are truly unique one of a kind pieces of art.

K7 Pottery

Web Site

I make functional pottery and sculptural vases. Functional pottery is art that you use on a daily basis. The joy in my work is the pot reveals its beauty over time.

Fine Alpaca Apparel

Weave: It’s the main process in which we hand-weave with a loom the front, back, sleeves, neck, patterns of the fine alpaca pullover item. Then we sew all the pieces together lastly we finish the embroidery tags fringe extra threads then we hand wash our items with cold water for the best results.

Nancy Johnson

I weave on a loom a variety of items specializing in rag rugs made from recycled material. I also make pottery using a wheel. I specialize in useable household pottery which can be used for eating or cooking.


Web Site

Raffle quilt plus other quilted items offered by local guild membefrfs

AGILE International

Web Site

Beautiful African handmade one in a kind purse, I guarantee you don’t have anything like it. Very 
roomy, Side pocket, inside pocket both big enough to hold tablets.
The main middle pocket can hold a laptop. some have wooden handle some have premium leather. They have
a supporting base.

Dying Breeds

Web Site
Leather goods with hand forged steel, aluminum, and bronze hardware and original designs tooled and dyed into the leather with using relief printing plates

Chris Thompson Bags

Web Site
Artisan Cowboy Boot Purses, Bags and Totes created from leather cowboy boot samples, vintage belts & hides. Each bag is designed and crafted solely by the artists hands, no machines and one-of-a-kind. Artist creates in her booth during shows.

Wild West Designs

Beautiful tapestry purses & bags designed using original patterns,handmade with gorgeous tapestry. All items are made from my original patterns, I cut and sew all items in my workshop in Longmont.

Cyndi Buck Design

I design & sew my work, using white fabrics then hand dye each piece in unique color combinations. I also have a line of upcycled cashmere. I cut up & reassemble into one of a kind sweaters. All pieces are timeless, one of a kind pieces.

Sherry Kromka

Web Site by sherry k
Unique, “wearable art” apparel, including shawls, wraps, ponchos, ruanas, scarves, handwoven on a floor loom in sunset and landscape colors, utilizing high quality chenille and bambu yarns.


Web Site
I put a pattern in garments by folding , useing string or rubber bands to hold in place, apply dye with squirt bottles to paint on color or vat dye to get desired effect

Wild Flower Boots

We take preloved/vintage cowboy boots and redesign them by folding over the shaft or cutting and then folding over the shaft and then decorate them with vintage belts and leather

Sarah Pitts-Solomon

I create one of a kind wearable Earth using a delicate yet involved process called Electroforming. My work is created from unique crystal specimens and the electric charge of copper.

Wool and Spice

Web Site

Handmade upcycled wool and leather purses/ accessories. All original designs/patterns by artist. Wool, leather, and fabrics are recycled from discarded clothing. Artist makes many styles of purses and several different sizes of pouches. Each is unique and handmade by the artist in Arizona.

Rose Mcphee

I start with white bamboo or silk fabric and hand dye the fabric in small batches. I then create my own patterns and sew women’s clothing. I also hand paint silk scarves. My booth shot is not great and the booth setup has been improved since the shot was taken in the park by me.

St.Clair Designs

Web Site

Artistically designed and endless variety! I work with hundreds of different fabrics every year matching together color, pattern and texture to create unique, wearable art. Each original pattern is sewn in small batches and completed with elegant touches such as beads, and high-quality hardware.


Web Site
I make wearable collages entirely from post-consumer recycled & vintage fabrics. I work mostly with cotton knits (t-shirts), button down oxford shirts, and cashmere sweaters. I use applique, piecing, and dyeing. All patterns are my design. I am challenged by creating something at is New, not More.

Claris Jones

Hand made lace wraps using European Lace and natural fibers, scarves, lace vests, Jackets and hand painted apparel, cotton waffle jackets and tops. Bags, purses, Totes,backpacks and duffle bags made from re-purposed military tents and truck tarps.

Jessica Mahan Art

Web Site

Using acrylic paint, I start with abstract texture: pouring paint of different thicknesses, applying modeling paste, & transferring surface textures. My subject matter emphasizes wildlife and nature,painted from reference photos I capture traveling. Exaggerated, reflected color, attention to detail.

Jane Johnson Art

Web Site

Fluid acrylic on canvas or yupo paper, a synthetic substrate using brushes brayers and water to move paint. All originals no reproductions.

Gallery 8 Arts

Web Site

Mixed Media American Flags. I use vintage & new materials to create a collage on board, next the stripes are painted over collage and details added. the entire piece is sealed in resin

Nickie Perrin Paintings LLC

Web Site

These interpretive wildlife paintings express nature at a moments time, through use of acrylic paint glazes, texture, and color choice.

Mark Ludy Art & Books

Web Site
I digitally illustrate and sometimes do watercolor, or a combo of the two.

Adam Hoffman- AH Fractals

Web Site
I use fractal math algorithms to digitally create fractal geometry which I then layer and color to create complex fractal designs.

Sang Choi

oil on canvas, western landscape

Justin Clements

Web Site

Traditional Oil Paintings, classically styled original oil paintings in fine custom made frames.

Fine Art by Josh

Web Site

My tools are oil paints, bristle brushes and palette knife. After selecting a color palette, I begin. I work from the focal point outward with a prayer. I love to see where the journey takes me!

Schaefer/ Miles

Web Site
Husband and Wife collaborative artists on canvas. Using the techniques of the old masters they create atmospheric color, depth, and light in the oil painting. Theirs is a unique blend of realism and impressionism, inspired by their travels.

Nichols Lynette

Web Site

Original unique detailed pen and ink drawings blending patterns & shapes influenced by various native cultures and a deep bond with the natural world. I use archival art pens on various background materials to create a personal expression and of this amazing world and the intricate beauty of nature.

Alicia Keyser

Web Site

All my drawings are from photographs I took myself while hiking or exploring Colorado or neighboring states. I work from those photos using colored pencil on paper to create my work. The drawings are them mounted to wood panels, and coated with clear resin.

rKoepsell Photography, LLC

Web Site

Unique lighting or abstract motion captures an emotional depth within the image. Facemounted museum acrylic w/ pearl metallic print medium for a reflective/lustrous quality. Archival rating of 200 yrs. Designer framing or artisan steel with patina finished in copper, bronze, black or graphite.

Kathy Zimmerman Photography

Web Sitehttp://kathyzimmermanphotography.,com

I have two main desires – to travel & photograph as many places as I can. My images from Canada, Europe, India, Costa Rica, Cuba & across the U.S. can decorate your walls. My images can also be enjoyed in jewelry. My images are also preserved in sterling earrings, pendants & silk wrap bracelets.

Alex Burke Photography

Web Site

Wilderness landscapes created using large format 4×5″ sheet film developed by the artist. A slow, methodical approach with a view camera and rigorous effort backpacking into the wild ensures images that stray from the standard landscape icons. Archival pigment prints crafted in editions of 150.

John R Lamberton

Web Site

My work is abstract. It is all derived or sourced from a light-formed image. I use my subjects to paint unlimited shapes and colors onto the camera sensor with every exposure and are seen as 3D when view with simple paper optics. I currently am using dye sublimation printed on metal for output.

Ryan Kost Photography

Web Site
Digital camera imagery with print on various mediums and sizes: canvas, metal, framed and matted prints, prints, mugs, etc…

Patrick O’Toole

Web Site

I use vintage film and digital cameras to create images which I personally process. Final printing is performed under my direct supervision using only professional, archive quality inks and paper. I present my images on a variety of media including archival paper, metal, wood and museum acrylic. 

Andrew Kelley Photography, Ltd.

Web Site

This work consists of pigment prints and aluminum dye sublimation prints made by the artist or under the artist’s supervision.

Scott Cordner Photography

Web Site
A desire to mimic nature in view and execution ensures my work is sustainably made using cotton papers and canvas that offer depth, mounted in handmade, hardwood frames enhanced with natural Tung oil.

Shaviq Designs

Web Site

Playful watercolor art finished with antique fountain pawn. Illustrative style. Mostly prints. 
Also do some jewelry.

P & L Enterprises

We sell dry packaged dip mixes under the brand Gourmet Farms of Colorado. Using spices from a local spice house, we hand mix the ingedients per our own recipes, hand scoop and label our packs of dip mix.Our mixes have no salt, no MSG, no gluten and except for our dessert dips, no sugar.

Rachel Green

Web Site

BBQ Sauce made in commercial kitchen

Hannan Enterprises

We make exotic lemonades and Teas

The Hillbilly Grill

We are a high quality, customer oriented food vendor with 14 years of event experience in the area. Our food is fresh and original, offering the fairgoer many fun options.

Skull Creek Greek

Web Site

Skull Creek Greek – Wagon – Gyros, Falafel, Baklava, etc.

Mr Lemonaid

Fresh squeezed lemonade and limeade and fresh brewed ice tea, strawberry lemonade, and blackberry limeade.

Stuffed Limited

Web Site

Stuffed Food Trailer makes “stuffers”; homemade dough wrapped around savory fillings and baked to perfection. Our food trailer makes a variety of breakfast and lunch Stuffers filled with locally sourced and thoughtfully cooked ingredients.

Zamboni Shaved Ice

We will be selling shaved ice.

Kona Ice of Peaks & Valleys

Web Site

Kona Ice Food Truck, serving shaved ice with over 40 flavors to pick from 

Dusty’s Barbecue

Dusty’s Barbecue provides smoked meats including brisket, ribs, chicken, and pulled pork. We offer meals including unique meals such as pulled pork nachos. All of our meat is smoked fresh for the day of the event.

Mariposa Glass Designs

My fused glass pieces encompass colorful bowls, plates, and platters of varying size and shape as well as dichroic jewelry and small household utilitarian pieces. I cut glass to create patterns and incorporate glass dots, stringers, and paint to complete the designs. 

Anamchara Glass Design

My art begins w/an idea, a design & handpicked glass. Much of my work is created in 3-D using the copper foil method. Glass is hand cut, ground, wrapped w/copper, then soldered. Patina may be applied to alter the color of the solder to black, copper etc. Each piece of my art is one of a kind.

Dana Voorhees Jewelry

Web Site

Hand-fabricated designs, with high grade gemstones set in sterling silver. Each set is one of a kind, and may include vintage or collector components along with organic materials or leather.

LeGrande Jewelry and leather

Web Site

We use only quality semiprecious stones, pearls and antique buttons to create classic hand knotted jewelry. Full grain leather and equine components are used in our leather jewelry

Retuned by Christina

Web Site

Because guitar strings are difficult to recycle, 700 tons end up in the dump every year. All of our jewelry is made from used, repurposed guitar strings collected from local musicians and music shops.


Web Site

One-of-a-kind contemporary jewelry using unusual gemstones in organic natural forms, many gems are hand cut & polished by me and often mined by my friends. I am known for the juxtaposition of polished & rough stones. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and unique.

Crystal D’llusions

Designs cast in silver from metal or wax prototypes and either set with opals & gemstones or inlaid with hand cut stones. Opal & gem pieces are usually sandblasted for a matte look with 18k gold accents. Inlaid pieces are geometric designs using many unique stones such as larimar & sugilite

Beautiful Chaos

Web Site

Beautiful Chaos showcases unique handmade pendants, bracelets and necklaces, all designed to work interchangeably. I engage customers in a styling process that allows them to personalize their selection. I use found objects, old coins, prisms, stones and chain to create interchangeable ensembles.

Creative Effects Co.

Web Site

Handcrafted Contemporary Jewelry in Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Niobium and Recycled Aluminum with semi-precious gemstones: Turquoise, Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot, Lapis, Labradorite, Sonora Sunrise and Pearls. Earrings, Bracelets, Pendants and Necklaces.

Eva Hornung

Web Site

Jewelry made with 99% pure silver precious metal clay combined with semi-precious stones and pearls.

Sompong’s designs

Handmade jewelry by me. I love to work all kind of meter all and natural stones and personalized charms. They are every unique jewelry and I made realistic food miniature attached on an adjustable ring. I made novelty jewelry funky things.


Web Site

Quality & collectable stones used in fine leather work and silversmithing to string, set & inlay creating a very unique line of sw contemporary jewelry. We create an inlay cuff on leather than bends to fit & we gaurantee our work life time. no other inlay does this. We use no base metals.

Sabina Jewelry

Web Site

Materials include gemstones, and other natural artifacts. Our process involves: Wire wrapping, soldering & shaping precious metals. Every piece is handmade every step of the way and we pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship that is beautifully designed and tastefully elegant.

Ischa’s Treasure Chest

Web Site

I handcraft intricate wire woven jewelry using, but not limited to,.925 sterling silver, copper, brass and 14kt gold filled wire. I also cut and polish a lot of the gem stones that I use in my pendants, bracelets & rings. My husband, Levi, uses repurposed copper for his hand hammered copper cuffs.

Lyracism Jewelry

Web Site
Each piece of my work is lovingly created by hand with semi-precious gemstones combined with precious metal. I use my background as a silversmith to hand fabricate pendants, findings and other focal elements. Some of the techniques include: sawing, hammering, soldering, burnishing & wire wrapping.

Hutch Handcrafted Jewelry

Web Site

I am a second generation metalsmith and create exquisite jewelry. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and meticulously hand forged using old world techniques, precious metals, genuine gemstones and unusual materials such as concrete. This is wearable artwork.


Web Site

Inspired by the beauty and mysteries of the cosmos, Kozmicroots jewelry features a variety of bones, stones, shells, and crystals fashioned together with electroformed copper which is then coated with a patina and polished for a rustic and cosmic effect. Pieces will also feature feathers and quills.

Angela West Designs

Exotic skins, precious stones, wire wrapping techniques. copyrighted leather ring design.


Web Site

Precious metals,American turquoise, precious&semi-precious stones, pearls, fossils, leather. Carving, casting, metal work, hammering, stone setting, some leather work, fabricating metals, fusing gold&silver. Eclectic approach, colorful, contemporary western designs.

Bill Rancour

Handmade rare earth magnetic jewelry made with real gemstones and minerals

Mountain Gypsea

Web Sitehttp://

Utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or reclaimed wood, driftwood, fallen branches, or cork, coconut shells, lava stones, and recycled bottles. Digital designs are cut and engraved with a laser.

Pamela Park DZNS

Web Sitehttp://PamelaParkDZNS

I create beautiful jewelry from sustainable and locally sourced materials when ever possible. I do lapidary, metal smithing and metal clay. I am inspired by beauty and joy, and I hope that my work inspires the wearer of my pieces to notice beauty and experience joy.

Marshmallows & Clouds Face Painting

Im a professional face painter. I use only FDA approved or Compliant products. I have been painting faces for over 25 years and at Art in the Park for 14 years. My booth is white to give a feeling of fresh & clean. I love what I do & I strive to let it show.I also carry liability insurance

Fabulous Faces by Linda

I am an award winning face painter. I use the finest FDA approved face and body paint. I enhance my work with hand made jewel clusters and glitters and gels.
I also do glitter tattoos and make hand made flower halos for the hair.


Puzzles are Birch, single/double layers. Non toxic paints. Polyurethane finish. Cut on scroll saw by me. Custom designs. 
Toys are individually made. Only hardwoods-Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Oak, exotic woods. Finished with Mineral Oil. Made on tools in my workshop. My designs.

Ramon and Rosa Valesquez

Stainless Steel with Tile furniture sealed with marine varnish and colorful metal wall hangings painted with automotive paint and copper ad brass melted sealed with polyurethane

Hayley Nolte

Web Sitehttp://

Urban-folk appliqué layering deconstructed litho tins & salvaged steel, hand cut & hammered with nail stitching to create tactile art mirrors and racks. Eco-minimalist jewelry maximizing the remnants of the metalwork by folding, wrapping & twisting, highlighting a seamless zero waste design concept

Reflections in Metal

Web Site

Our art is created on cold steel. Welding, grinding, heating and painting techniques are used to create the design, texture and finish. Each piece is final finished in a clear powder coat for protection and esthetic appeal. We create a wide variety of designs including southwest, western and contemporary.

Red Nova LLC

laser-cut and powder-coated stainless steel yard art that spins in the wind and reflect light. Multiple pieces can be hooked together

Vehicle Accy. Mfg., Inc.

Web Site

All Original Artwork laser cut in steel. Hand Finished Patina or Heat Burnished.

Artwire Graphics, LLC

Web Site

Freehand formed wire sculptures from silver plated and colored copper wire.

Malen Pierson

Web Site
I use found objects and old farm machinery to create each one of a kind sculpture

B Jamin’ Custom Metals

Web Site

With raw steel & stainless, I use a torch to cut & create the relief which is my work. Simple and clean, I focus much on my love on trees, bringing my love of metal & nature together, making cold metal come alive in warm sculptures. I take pride in my patinas no paints, pigments, or dyes are used.

Heartwood Artist

Web Site ;

One of a kind originals created using brilliant inks, acrylics, textures, & found objects such as stones & glass on paper & panels made from reclaimed wood. I use trees & words to communicate humor, whimsy, & bits of wisdom. Pieces range from minis called “Treenie Weenies” to large wood panels.

Rosemarie Dunn Årt

My work is typically a mix of watercolor with colored pencil and pen drawn over the top.

Sky Vine Butterflies

Web Site

This work highlights museum quality insects hydrated & mounted by the artist, presented in an elegant fine art context. Arrangements of clean form and patterning are enhanced with mixed media backgrounds to include linocut inked prints, hand embossed paper, fused/ slumped glass & watercolor.

Lily’s Bonsai & Gifts

We grow bonsai & lucky bamboo plants, and design each of our hanging airplants/cactus. Our plants have been shaped and designed with the goal of making an exclusive and beautiful piece of living art.

Lisa Hohertz

Web Site

Creating is my passion and with my over eager imagination I create one of kind, unique assemblages and collages using found objects, trinkets, cast offs and ephemera. I also create clay sculptures, such as faces, birds and hands as an addition to my assemblages. Each invoke their own story.

Amelia Illustration

Web Site

I use paper collage elements as a background and paint with oil paint on top to create a landscape image.

Stone Art Studios

Web Site

Each sculpture we create is hand carved, shaped, and polished from rare mineral specimens found all over the world. The trickiest part of our process is finding the center of gravity and drilling each piece so that it can rotate independently of the base (not able to convey in still images).

Sundreams by Kate

Web Site

Unique beaded suncatchers w/woven dreamcatcher formats or crystal focals, showcasing antique & vintage lead crystal prisms, crystal, glass & gemstone beads & cloisonne hummingbirds. Less expensive items include 40-50mm ball prisms w/pendants & beads & chili ristra hot air balloon ornaments.

Montano Art

Web Sitehttp://
I strive to connect the science of zoology and ecology with the visual medium of art. I use a multitude of mediums such as watercolors, inks, charcoals, and oils to create a striking, intriguing image depicting wildlife and nature, utilizing the properties of each mediums such as drips and smears.

Leashes by Liz

Web Site

Hand braided paracord dog leashes and collars

Henry Bergeson Kaleidoscopes

Web Site
My goal is to create kaleidoscopes that are as visually interesting on the outside as they are in the interior. Dynamic sculpture both within and without.

Anastasia Kenner Color my World

Web Site

A variety of non porous substrates, glass to photo paper are used to move the inks to create vibrant backgrounds followed with a variety of themes in the foreground via straws, paint brushes or a variety of alcohol ink pens.

Doug Fountain

Web Site

Feathered masks on Venetian plaster and totems

Earth Spirit Designs

Web Site

I design and create weavings and sculpture from organic materials including willows, tamarisk, juniper, stone, blown glass and other natural elements. Most of these designs have a southwest flavor and include hand-painted images that hint of ancient cultures. Pieces can display indoors or out.

Georgie Lehoop drum artist

Web Site

I paint Rhythm. I take drumsticks, dip them in acrylic paint, and play a rhythm on canvas, cymbals, drums and drumheads, records, plywood, garbage can lids, etc. I use different drumming implements, different paint consistencies, and different surfaces, to create different looks.

Awaken Inc

We are a non-profit social enterprise whose mission is to provide customers with high quality handmade fair trade products which create dignified economic opportunities for those leaving a life of oppression. We use hand-loomed and hand printed fabrics and detail many pieces with leather and jewelry

Rocky Mountain Raptor Program

Web Site
The Rocky Mountain Raptor Programs inspires the protection and appreciation of raptors through excellence in rehabilitation, education and research. We serve the Estes Park area and appreciate opportunities to share our work and the raptors with the public.

Crystal Fantasies

Web Site

Unique leaded & unleaded glass crystal mobiles, with semi-precious gemstones, handmade beads, Swarovski crystal chandelier pieces and beads, feathers, on braided steel cable. From classic Victorian to whimsical, all designs are original & handcrafted by myself.

Art Rocks Studio

Web Site

Slate stone split thin from a slab. These slivers are then shaped using pliers into long skinny shapes. Once sanded smooth the slate fragments are then embedded into epoxy resin.

Coleman’s Haberdashery

Web Site

We specialize in all American Bison Leather accessories. All of our goods are made by hand, by my wife and myself. We cut, punch and stitch all of the goods by hand. We specialize, but are not limited to belts, bags, totes, clutches, wallets, and other small accessories.

Dr. C’s Designs

Web Site

I work in 4 different media, at times combining bronze, oil painting, drawings and leather work into one piece. My sculptures and leather work represent Western and Native American cultures and my drawings and oils do the same plus working people and faces from New Orleans where I grew up

Katheryn Hill

Web Site

Upcycled Beaded Bicycle Wheels for art


Henna body art. All natural henna paste is applied freehand to the skin’s surface where it makes a temporary (1-3 weeks) stain. Paste is allowed to stain the skin and is then removed, revealing a rich reddish brown temporary “tattoo”.

Henna Mystique

Web Site

I hand draw henna designs onto people’s skin using homemade organic henna paste leaving a temporary tattoo for 1-3 weeks. I also apply glitter tattoos with templates lasting 3-10 daysand put in hair feathers using hand dyed rooster tail feathers and a crimp bead lasting 3-6 weeks.

Winters’ Blessings Soap Co.

Web Site
I make hand crafted cold processed goat milk soap using fresh milk from our own dairy goats. I also make goat milk lotion, sugar scrubs, lip balms and lotion bars.

Rising Sun Ranch Creations

Web Site

All natural bath & body products and lasso bowls.

Simple and Sylvan

Web Site

I design scenes with multiple layers of laser-cut wood stained in hues reflecting nature; finished layers are sewn together creating a dimensional landscape. Found objects are stitched to the piece.

Tracy Lytle

Web Site

Hand carved wood boxed wall hangings. Sizes range from 4″x4″ to 24″x24″, and 12″x48″. Some have a variety of colors and some are natural wood with black accents. Some have carved textured backgrounds and some smooth background with carved out designs. Designs are based mostly on trees and nature.

Just Craftin’ Around, LLC

We customize in woodcraft signs, flags, cornhole games and home decor. We take pride in our quality to give our customers products at a fair price.

Pickle T

Web Sitehttp://

Laser cut items, primarily wood and leather

Turn Turn Woodworking

Web Site

Lathe-turned bowls(live-edge & traditional), ornaments, kaleidoscopes, pens, and household gadgets/decor from Banksia pod, wood, antler, seashell, and acrylics. I specialize in rare, but sustainable, materials.


Web Sitehttp://

My sons and I salvage hardwoods from around the southwest to make fine wood kitchen utensils like spoons, spatulas, spreaders, salad sets, ladles, cutting boards and more. Our woods include mesquite, maple, apple, apricot, pear, walnut, pecan, beach, ash, hickory, cherry & red wine barrel staves

Sublime Rockers

Web Site

I craft my furniture using the stack lamination process. I use this process because it lets me create the shapes that express my artistic visions. After laminating my forms I then sculpt the final shape using hand-held abrasive tools. I am able to achieve exact ergonomics by using this technique.

Bitterroot Nets

Web Site

Using burl wood to create one of a kind landing nets and fly boxes. Net handles are stabilized and a bent wood lamination process is used to form the bow. Handles are adorned with turquoise inlace.

Denny Melancon

Using a wood lathe and master craftsman skills I create stunning functional art. Exotic woods from Hawaii, Central America and the Caribbean. Beautiful super glue durable and smooth finish. Pepper mills, coffee grinders, exotic hand made earrings, pens, seam rippers and letter openers.

Oscar Morales

Web Site

Hand craft native wooden flutes on cedar ,walnut ,bamboo in deferents keys ( A-G-F#)professional and also for kids

Token Creek Cedar

Web Site

We use cedar and natural hardwoods such as walnut, cherry, and maple to craft refined lodge-style furnishings. All artwork is unique and designed to showcase the artistic properties of the wood as well as the talents of the craftsman.

Jim Eberle

Band saw boxes are hand crafted by laminating pieces of wood together and shaping with a band saw. Drawers are made with flowing lines. They are then sanded smooth and 4 coats of tung oil are applied. Some boxes are more rustic and are made from tree limbs.

Alexander Sculptures

Web Site

All sculptures are carved by hand from a single block of Mississippi woods. Exposing the audience to the gifts in our own land.
No stains, paints, or glued pieces. A clear natural finish is applied to show the beautiful flowing grain throughout each sculpture.

Kirkallanoriginals LLC

Web Site

Handcrafted live edge wood furniture. Some pieces also use resin and glass. High quality pieces of art Dining room coffee and soda tables, wine racks and art pieces.