Celebrating Color- Inspired by Nature, an exhibition by Jennifer Baker

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Sat, June 22, 2024


5:00PM-8:00 PM


Pine Moon Fine Art



Celebrating Color- Inspired by Nature, a solo exhibition by Jennifer Baker
To some, it means the quality of an object with respect to light; the visible spectrum. To others, it’s just a physical trait. But to me, color has always meant more than either of those definitions. Color, or a combination of colors, can evoke a mood or an emotion like nothing else can. When I experiment with tints and tones, it’s like I’m a kid opening a 64-color crayon box, with a feeling of excitement and eagerness that can’t be triggered in any other way. Color is the bridge by which I try to create the same emotions through my own work. This exhibition is the culmination of months of free experimentation and color play. The body of work features a combination of vibrancy and brightness that exaggerates and reveals some of the ways hues change our perception, and that I hope will bring a new level of appreciation for the viewers.