Elaine Dermody

I began painting when I was a teenager, copying paintings I liked and planning to study painting in college. However, marriage and children changed those plans. When I finally went to college I got an undergraduate degree in psychology and a masters degree in gerontology.

I loved my career in the field of gerontology and planned to study painting when I retired. Since retiring I have taken a number of excellent artist workshops, but only painted sporadically as other passions have consumed my time.

After moving to Steamboat Springs, I fell in love with our nearby wilderness areas and became a volunteer wilderness ranger to assist the U.S. Forest Service. After realizing the need for local volunteers, I started Friends of the Wilderness and later helped to launch the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance to promote volunteering in our 700 plus U.S. wilderness areas.

In the fall of 2015, I finally decided to make painting a top priority in my life. My paintings are inspired by the beauty that unfolds before my eyes living and hiking in Steamboat, as well as when I travel to other beautiful places.


Steamboat Springs