Finding Christmas – A musical exploration of the holiday season

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Sun, June 16, 2024


7:00PM-9:00 PM


Strings Pavilion


$10 - $65

Where does one find Christmas? It can be illusive in the din and clamor that surrounds the holidays. Perhaps Christmas is akin to the urge to return home or it could be the search for meaning and connection. Some find it in family, some in presents, in dressing the house and in the delicious scents of favorite holiday food. Some find it in the first snow of the season, some see Christmas through the eyes of a child, some in the romance of the season. Our Christmas celebration is about all this and more. It is the magic we seek wrapped up in the sound of our orchestra. It is an experience in sights and sounds, in brilliance and quiet peace. It is beautiful, magical, virtuosic. It is comical and elegant. It is for young and old and everyone in between who want to find Christmas and never let go.