Glass. Glass and Paper. Paper

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Fri, Jul 07, 2023


5:00PM-8:00 PM


Pine Moon Fine Art
117 9th Street
Steamboat Springs



Glass. Glass and Paper. Paper
Experience what happens when glass meets paper in this innovative new aesthetic medium.
The work in this this show includes new glass pieces by Jennifer Baker, New pencil work by Sandi Poltorak and a unique collaborative of Jennifer’s colorful glass overlay on Sandi’s drawings.
Layering the glass on the drawing represents an unprecedented perspective of contemporary art, making the viewer pause and re-think what they are seeing. The glass not only adds a physical layer but plays with the light, casting slight shadows that allow for another dimension.
What came first, the glass or the paper? Well- both. Some pieces start with the conceptual drawing, others start with the fused glass. The true collaboration begins with the initial meeting where ideas are shared and how our vision of those ideas can best be accomplished. The piece moves back and forth between studios where the design continues to evolve.