Interview with Ryan Fleming and Scott Parker


1. When did you first become involved with Cabaret and why? 
Ryan: Last year. I had a song idea that I was going to do for the Super Fun Steamboat show. I collaborated with Kris Hammond and he recommended it for Cabaret. That song was “I drunk everywhere” a take on Johnny Cash’s “I’ve been everywhere” except we sang of some of the bars and restaurants current and past in Steamboat Springs. My passion is to entertain and there is not better venue than the Chief and no better event than Cabaret to do that.
Scott: WZ Cabaret in 2000.  For years I had people tell me to get involved!  It was THE event to be part of each year!

2. Why did you decide to direct this year? 
Ryan: I had a fun time last year and after finding out the opportunity was there I took it. I asked Scott to join in as he is a talented performer and experienced with Cabaret. We have worked together on other projects but not of the scale of this show and I believe we are up for the challenge. Also there is nothing more inspiring to my own art than to fan the flames of passion in others.
Scott: I was Co-Director and Producer with Katy Rumley from 2002-2007.  When she and Paula Salky decided to “retire” I wanted to make sure that it stayed in good hands.  Ryan Fleming and I decided to take the reins and run with it this year!

3. What are some of the differences in the way the show was run this year and in past years?
Ryan: We began rehearsals in advance. By using Facebook and email to communicate we are giving all the performers the opportunity to get a started more than a month before the show instead of a week. This should make it less stressful for the cast. And more practice before showtime will make it a better experience for the performers and the audience.
Scott: In the past, generally speaking, people were only in the skits that they wrote.  My first year I was only in 2 acts.  Now it seems that our cast gets to be in a lot more songs and skits….which is great!!!

4. What has been a memorable moment from rehearsals so far?
Ryan: The camaraderie of strangers. Seeing individuals who do not know each other laugh and work together is inspiring.
Scott: Everyone in buying in to the process. It takes everyone working together as a unit to pull off this event.  Our cast and crew are top notch this year. And Ryan has done a great job of communicating with everyone.

5. What is your favorite skit and why?
Ryan: Yampavore. Come and see it and you will know why.
Scott: This year we have so many great skits that it is hard to choose. If I HAD to pick…I’d say watch out for the Yampavores!!!

6. Can you explain the theme of Cabaret?  
Ryan: That is too filthy for me to write.

7. Why should someone come and see the show? 
Ryan: Not only to support these talented volunteers but to support the Arts Council. This is the single most entertaining fundraiser in the valley and the hottest ticket in town. You will laugh out loud and love every minute.
Scott: You are NOT a true local until you attend or participate in this show!

8. Can you talk about the connection between Cabaret and the Chief and why you feel this is a natural venue for a show like Cabaret?
Scott: This will be the 6th Cabaret at the Chief Theater.  It is so great when art organizations can work together like this.  The Chief is a great venue for Cabaret and a great way for both organizations to gain additional exposure in the community

9. Why do you think Cabaret has lasted so many years?
Scott: This show is truly a tradition.  The quality of the show seems to increase every year. Locals know that when they buy their ticket they will be thoroughly entertained!