Jillian Tomlinson

Jillian Tomlinson is a local artist of Steamboat Springs that is community-oriented and Earth-based. Presently, she is deeply immersed in the world of weaving earthen clothing & interior pieces for homes. Mural painting and teaching art classes are major passions for her, too. Jillian loves to teach art classes around weaving and environmental art to help students ground into a greater sense of relationship with their individual selves, our communities & the Earth. Jillian studied Sustainable Community Development at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she focused on cultural heritage, environmental design & transformative education to encourage regenerative social systems. Arriving at the Steamboat Creates Art Depot truly aligns with her mission to activate social, environmental & economic prosperity for the community and collective at large.

Originally from New England, living out West has been the greatest journey of Jillian’s life so far. The up-and-coming new art of the American West captivates Jillian with a strong heart & electric purpose, pushing forward works that relate to stories of the Wild West, Western expansion & our Indigenous roots. It is her greatest inspiration to honor what has happened on this land for generations & to create new life through healing relationships and beauty so we continue to realize our place in this cosmic, earthly web.

Jillian’s brand, Wovenomad, is a celebration of the legacy that the many roads less traveled share with us as we follow that call, traversing the land to explore what lies ahead, into the mystic and greater unknown. By adorning ourselves and our spaces with the fibers, colors & textures of the landscapes that span from the mountains through the desert to the sea, we celebrate and cherish all that the land & people provide for us to embark on a magnificent & timeless journey home, in connection with the qualities & needs of a thriving Earth.

Jillian has a studio downtown where she works on commissions, pieces for exhibits & collections to be sold. You can find her online at wovenomad.com as well as Facebook and Instagram @wovenomad.