Cabaret 2021: What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

Steamboat Creates & KCOQ, The River (98.9 on your dial)
Present Cabaret 2021

June 23 & 24, 2021 OUTSIDE at Howelsen Hill
6:00pm & 8:30pm Shows

NOTE: Howelsen Hill parking is under construction. Plan on biking, walking, or parking downtown.
THINGS TO BRING: chairs or blankets, bug spray, layers of clothing

Questions? – 970-879-9008

Enter for a chance to win! Each $5 donation enters you to win a llama float.

Thank you to our sponsors

Thurston Kitchen & Bath, Alpine Bank, Yampa Sandwich Co, Arctic Liquor, MDM Group, Postnet,Friends of Yampa Valley Arts, Davidson Tax Company, Inc., Spiegel Painting, Town of Hayden & Eagle Mountain Builders


Scott ParkerDirector
Glad to be back at it for the umpteenth time with my partner in crime Katy!

Katy Goodman
Glad to be able to bring some normalcy back to the town “Cabaret Style”.  It is a privilege to work with these incredible actors and crew!!

Cabaret milestones-25 years and counting, Engaged backstage-only time in history of cabaret for this, Feeding director/MC pain killers in recliner so he could do the show after tripping over the blue line,  crawling under stage at depot and fixing It during a performance so it would not collapse, licorice with Yoshi, covid, so many venues-so many laughs.

Chad McGown – Assistant Director


Kirk Aigner
Kirk is beyond excited to return to the stage after way too long of an absence!

Carolyn Berns
From Tiny Tim to Starring Roles in Cabaret-OK there are no Stars but what the hell, no one know that part. Excited for a post covid performance, on a REAL stage-yes, I did the performance during COVID that was broadcasted in December but nothing like a live audience show. Super happy to see all your glowing faces-YAY no masks! Don’t forget you are all fabulous (without you none of this would be possible) don’t change.

Dianne Bertini
“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.” – Schweitzer

Will Griffin

Riley Johnston
“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.” – Schweitzer

Brad Kindred
Bradford has been living the dream going with the flow Steamboatin’ it.

Lizzie Larock
Lizzie Larock is an extrovert who is oh so excited to not be on Zoom tonight, and actually see humans in real life. She spent the last year pretending the internet was down during difficult online workouts and telling grandparents to mute themselves during online dance recitals. She’s thrilled her mockstar midlife crisis has reached new heights with being able to perform on the free summer concert stage for a great cause. Thank you, Steamboat Creates!

Cesare F Rosati
Just another Caberet. No it’s not. Yes it is. No it’s not. Oh well, I’ll enjoy doing it despite Covid. We’re back!!!

Paula Salky
After two years away from The Cabaret stage, Paula is ecstatic to perform the plethora of material that she has been stashing away in her iphone notes.

Randy Salky
My playa name is ‘Alexander Burning Man

Arty Smith
Arty likes masks. Arty Smith is wandering around metaphorically homeless after booking the Songwriter Series, appearing in Cabaret and performing and directing in productions at a dusty old theater in downtown Steamboat for the last seven years. What next?

Stacy Trosch-Most
Hostess with the mostess back for her 4th tour of duty, abuse, fun and shenanigans!! Please give me a little grace as there is not enough tequila to make me really good but I make up for it in heart!!!! I love this community and huge props to the amazing, talented, creative amigas and amigos preforming tonight!! Sooo good to be back!! A special shout out to Paula Salky… thanks for putting me in every Freakin skit you wrote!!!

Kay Wagner
Cabaret is like drinking Steamboat water, you just have to come back for more!! I’m switching to beer!

Patty Zimmer
I love doing Cabaret, so when I asked my doctor how long this Covid thing was going to last, he said, “how should I know?  I’m a doctor not a politician.”