A Vision for a Performing Art Center

Your support can transform Steamboat Springs into the Vienna of the United States!

Steamboat Springs is a rural town with diverse ideas. From Opera Steamboat to Elevation Dance Studio and Steamboat Dance Theatre, to the Steamboat Symphony Orchestra, New Play Festival and our own Off the Beaten Path Bookstore, we have so much to offer culturally.

The one thing Steamboat is lacking is a performing art center that would allow our nationally acclaimed local non-profits to grow their programs. A performing Art Center would also attract theatre, opera and dance from around the world to expand the community’s thoughts, our ideas and beliefs.

In order to meet the community’s need, Steamboat Creates is conducting a Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study for a Performing Art Center to determine size, location and programming and we need your help.

We need to raise $20,000 to begin the needs assessment January 1, 2020 and an additional $60,000 to fund the feasibility study.

Your contribution to this study will make the biggest impact on arts and culture that this community has ever seen.


By December 31st – $20,000 to move forward with the Needs Assessment. We have raised 1/3 of the funds but need your help to make this happen.

January – March, 2020 –Needs Assessment conducted. This determines who would use the performing art center, the needs of local non-profits in regards to size, space and amenities, and who in the community would support the project. The study seeks to answer the question ‘Does a Performing Art Center make sense given the expansion and future growth of the community?’ At the end of the Needs Assessment, Webb Management will determine if the need in Steamboat warrants moving forward with a feasibility study.

April 1, 2020 – $60,000 to more forward with the Feasibility Study

April – July 2020 – Feasibility Study conducted. This study looks at size, location, programming and operations for a successful and sustainable model. At the end of this process there will be a rough concept of design.

You can give this community and the children of Steamboat experiences that will change they way they see the world. We are so grateful for your support.

Steamboat Creates is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit. All donations are 100% tax deductible. For Colorado residents, donations over $500 qualify for the Enterprise Zone Contribution Credit (for cash contributions, the credit equals 25% of the total cash contribution, except that the total credit claimed for each tax year cannot exceed $100,000). Steamboat Creates accepts stock donations.

Please contact Dagny McKinley with any questions: