Shake Rattle and Role with Gail Denton

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Saturday, June 15, 2024


9:00AM-5:00 PM


Steamboat Art Museum


807 Lincoln Ave

Looking for that ‘perfect composition formula’? Hoping to loosen up your strokes and relax your technique, but how exactly to get there? Hoping to be more impressionistic, less tight, stop painting every leaf and blade of grass?

Come along with Colorado Plein Air Painter Gail Denton as you release and exchange your controlled, anxious, rule-bound accuracy for seeing shapes (not leaves), values (not recipes) and passion (without cramped fingers). Explore color, shape, composition and artistic energy from a whole new perspective. Shake it up, rattle it around and roll in the ecstasy of fresh insight and compositional freedom.

Evaluate your scene. Compose like nobody’s watching! Grab the canvas with the best ratio for your scene, and know why! Maximize your focal point and highlight your center of interest. You will receive a fresh perspective, and move towards more powerful compositions that dance off your canvas. What can be re-arranged to make the story more interesting? What does the painting want? These are the skills taught in the workshop.