SSO Production Manager

Posted March 15, 2018
Interested applicants may email resume/letter of introduction to:

Job Description: Production Manager-Part-time, Steamboat Symphony Orchestra – Immediate
The Production Manager (PM) of the Steamboat Symphony Orchestra (SSO) reports to the Board of Directors (BOD) and is responsible for the production needs for all orchestra performances, education programs and community engagement activities. The PM will have demonstrated skills in communication, advance planning, creating and executing production timelines, team building and the ability to multi-task and deliver under tight deadline. Previous experience in the production arena of a performing arts organization is desired. Familiarity with orchestral music and educational activities is an asset. Ability to create reports, communications, database management in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) and excellent internet skills required. The flow of the PM work schedule will adjust seasonally with full time concentration during periods associated with major concerts and less concentration during off season used for planning and time off.

The duties and responsibilities of the PM include but are not limited to the following:
-Maintains a close and cooperative working relationship with the Music Director/Principal Conductor (MD), Ernest Richardson, who is responsible for all artistic matters related to SSO performances and community outreach. The PMs job is to assure that, to the best of the organization’s ability, the artistic vision of the MD is achieved and supported through smooth production of its performances, education outreach and events.
– Assists the Board of Directors (BOD) in meeting its fiduciary responsibilities and policies by providing accurate budgets, maintaining good communications and keeping the BOD advised on issues that impact the quality of the SSO productions. Attendance at all BOD meetings will be expected and monthly updates of production activities required.
-To recruit, manage, and coordinate volunteers and necessary to support SSO activities.

-Financial: with input from the MD and Board Committee Chairs, create the annual SSO production budgets for BOD approval including but not limited to:
1. Orchestral concerts at the Strings Pavilion, currently three (3) per year (September, December, March)
2. Educational programs including immersion weekends,
3. Production/revenue costs of fundraising events as directed by the Board Development Chair
-Orchestral Concerts: facilitates travel and donated housing accommodations for contracted musicians, works with the Contract Administrator to assures all artists are contracted; works collaboratively with Strings staff to ensure production requirements are communicated and met; assists the Concertmaster in the management of the music library, such as acquisitions, bowing string parts and part distribution; works with the MD to develop and maintain the MD’s calendar while in Steamboat and coordinates travel and housing needs.
-Educational Programming: works closely with the MD and the teachers of the young musicians in the execution of annual immersion experiences, which include rehearsals, classes, and performances. The PM will be expected to provide whatever support is required to deliver a quality experience which will include budgets( for fees, staffing, tuition, facility costs), facility use and scheduling, and organization of on-site registration. The PM additionally facilitates the production needs associated with local student performance participation in the annual Christmas concert.
-Fundraising: The BOD is the chief fundraiser for the SSO and responsible for identifying grant opportunities. The PM is responsible for managing the production details and production budget of fundraising events for the BOD.

Compensation: $15,000 or commensurate with experience, no paid benefits, flexible time off and hours during off-peak periods