Trish Carpenter – Kindness Workshops

Trish Carpenter M.Ed offers complimentary Kindness Workshops as part of the nonprofit Anti Bullying Communications Inc. The seminars have been presented to young people in schools and libraries. They involve discussing the meaning of kindness and examples of kind acts. Then the participants write short stories or draw pictures depicting kindness. These are shown to Carpenter. Awards are presented to those whose work epitomizes kindness. Workshops have been presented at schools such as Strawberry Park, Soda Creek, Montessori, North Routt Charter and St Charles Garnier in Canada as well as Hayden and Bud Werner Libraries.

A retired school principal and author, Carpenter writes children’s picture books. These feature a child with a disability who has a service dog, and highlight acts of kindness. Often children are the illustrators. Her work includes ‘THE STRAY WHO BECAME A SERVICE DOG’ and ‘CATHY and the CRAYONS.’ She is currently working on ‘I WANNA SNOWBOARD’ and another called ‘THUNDERPAWS’ which is a story involving a child with autism.

Additionally she also offers Writing Workshops.

Trish Carpenter can be reached at


Steamboat Springs