Western Heritage Classes

September 3, 5:30 pm-8:30pm – Depot Art Center. $45 (+$5 material fee), $25 for child 12 years or younger, with registered adult

Basic Leather craft: Creating Realistic Feathers: https://app.etapestry.com/cart/SteamboatSpringsArtsCouncil/default/category.php?pos=0

If you are interested in learning more about the art of leather craft, this session is for you!  In this 3- hour session we will discuss the significance of leather craft throughout history and the basic steps needed to get started creating your own unique pieces of leather art. Designing and carving feathers is a terrific project for beginners. In this session we will work through the process of preparing the leather, carving an eagle feather, applying your own artistic personality and finishing the piece. Support will be available to help you complete your unique one of a kind piece of leather art. Materials (provided in class): You will be provided with leather material and all tools to design, cut and stamp the leather feather in class. If you have leather tools, specifically swivel knives, please bring them!

Instructor: Dan Rhodus from Platte Summit Saddlery

Students are encouraged to bring the following leather tools if available:

Swivel knife
Hair blade or vertical thumb print tool

Modeling tool
Backgrounder of your choice

Petal lifter
Round knife, scalpel or utility knife 

September 6, 11:00am – 12:00 pm – Elkstone Farms. $40

Fermentation Station Class: https://elkstonefarm.com/product-category/events/cooking-classes/

Growing in the High Rockies is no easy task. Our growing season is short, but when the vegetables go off, they really go crazy! How did the homesteaders survive the winter? How were they able to preserve all of their summer bounty? Fermentation(among other things)! In this 1 hour demonstration, our Elkstone chefs will discuss the process of fermentation and how to easily succeed with it at home.

September 7, 8:30 am – Mesa School House. $120

Tread of Pioneers presents ‘How to Paint History’ with artist Chula Beauregard: https://treadofpioneers.org/article.php?id=240

Join us for a day at the Historic Mesa School House in Steamboat Springs. This exciting one-day program is made possible by a partnership with the Tread of Pioneers Museum. As artists and historians, we share an appreciation of the rich heritage of Routt County. This workshop is an opportunity to preserve and celebrate our heritage through art, and I will teach you the tools you need to incorporate this built environment into your art.

POSTPONED: $45 (includes materials), $25 for child 12 years or younger, with registered adult

POSTPONED: Loom Beaded Bracelet & Porcupine Quilled Earrings class. Co-presented by Tread of Pioneers Museum: https://app.etapestry.com/cart/SteamboatSpringsArtsCouncil/default/category.php?pos=0

Please contact Sylvie@steamboatcreates.org for more information.

Learn beading on a small loom to create a traditional Lakota bracelet and how to create porcupine quilled earrings. The evening will include storytelling by director of the Ute Indian Museum, CJ, with stories about her family and tribe. You will be provided with a loom for beading and all tools to design and complete a bracelet and porcupine quilled earrings in class. Materials (provided in class): You will be provided with a loom for beading and all tools to design and complete a bracelet and porcupine quilled earrings in class.

Instructor: CJ Brafford from Ute Indian Museum, Lakota tribe

September 17, 5:30pm-8:00pm – Depot Art Center. $45 (includes materials), $25 for child 12 years or younger, with registered adult

Sew Steamboat presents ‘Needle Felting a Cow’ : https://app.etapestry.com/cart/SteamboatSpringsArtsCouncil/default/category.php?pos=0

Felting is as old as time. Humans have used fibers from animals, such as wool from sheep to make clothing, blankets and other items to stay warm and dry. In this class we will be using a technique to felt our wool called needle felting. A single needle is used to poke the wool while making it felt together. We will learn to do a flat felted piece and talk about how you can use your skills to make three dimensional pieces too! Materials (provided in class): For our special theme we will provide an image of a cow to felt and talk about how to display your finished work of art in your home

Instructor: Neely Hachtel from Sew Steamboat

September 24, 5:30pm-8:30pm – Depot Art Center. $45 (+$5 material fee), $25 for child 12 years for younger, with registered adult

Get Stitched: Design Your Own Needlepoint: https://app.etapestry.com/cart/SteamboatSpringsArtsCouncil/default/category.php?pos=0

Let’s explore your creative side by designing your own needlepoint project on a canvas. In class, we will explore various designs. We will draw one design of your choice on a canvas size approximately 5 x 7” to 10 x 10”. Depending on time available in class, your project could be needlepointed right away. It is highly likely that you will be working on the project later at your own pace. You will be learning one basic needlepoint stitch called the Continental stitch.  Hope you can join me! Materials (provided in class): You will be provided with a needlepoint canvas (5×7” to 10×10”), some threads, a needle, and usage of color pens to draw a design in class. Everyone is highly encouraged to bring his or her own design ideas to class.

Instructor: Cho Tin Tun Kirkpatrick from Sew Steamboat

September 26, 3:00pm – 7:00 pm – Elkstone Farms. $150

Elkstone Farms presents ‘Pioneer Picnic Cooking Workshop’: https://elkstonefarm.com/product-category/events/cooking-workshops/

Celebrate the last of the harvest bounty of our High Rockies environment has to offer. With armfuls of Elkstone produce, we will create a fall feast that highlights the delicious flavors of Colorado. This class is part of Lost Arts Revival. See below for details.