We asked our Young at Art Campers, ‘What do you like most about being creative?’

“I can do what I want duh….”      “Drawing my thoughts”        “You can be as free as a bird.”       “Everything!”   “The peace.”

“Drawing is the one thing I can do without worrying if I am good enough.”

“Making the things in my brain come true.”

“Letting your mind go wild.”

“That I am not laughed at.”

“Through colors, shapes, subjects, and size, I can release my feelings.”

“It allows me to express my true self.”

“There are no limits to being creative.”

“It opens up a whole new world to create and explore in.”

“There is no right or wrong no matter what you do.”

“The endless possibilities of what can and can’t be.”

“Having an open mind.”

“Getting messy.”

“Photographing lets me show a different side of myself that I don’t normally show.”

“It opens up a world of imagination, and you can better understand the world’s decisions and actions.”

“The hard part was letting go,”

“I can make whatever I want.”

“I like not having to copy people to make beautiful things.”

“I like thinking outside of the box and making your own style.”

“I can be myself.”

“What I like about being creative is the idea that you can just think of something and make that idea into a masterpiece.”

“Being creative makes you special.”

“I can do anything.”

“Using funny voices.”

“You can make things that are imaginary.”

“Your mind flies free.”

“Being creative makes me happy.”

“I like how it can change the ways you look at things.”

“You can write anything and spelling doesn’t matter.”

“When your project is not creative, your pride is empty. When your project comes from you, your pride can be full.”

“The sky is the limit.”


“I always get to try something new.”

“I’m allowed to express my feelings through art.”

“I like the creating part.”

“You try hard.”

“I like working together and being part of something!”

“I like how you can just be yourself and do anything.”

“Being a different person.”

“I love being able to create my own little characters and worlds and to be able to do whatever imagination can think of.”

“I honestly love everything about being creative.”

“Nobody can tell me what’s right or wrong.”

“Having fun.”

“Seeing the finished piece.”