Mission & Purpose


The Steamboat Springs Creative District , a program of the Arts Council, is devoted to supporting and promoting arts and culture in the Yampa Valley.


Through planning, production and collaborating with arts and humanities organizations and initiatives we have a positive educational, cultural and economic impact for our community.


Steamboat is recognized as a world-class creative destination.



Everyone has an important story to tell, dance, write or sing, and from that individual creativity, we are able to respond to the needs of our community. Community engagement is an avenue to enhance our capacity and to improve the lives of people from all walks of life. Improving the quality of engagement produces results that are mutually beneficial.


Passion is a powerful force—driving actions—determining direction. Passion is a word we equate with vibrancy and energy in our arts community. We believe that passion as a vital aspect of creativity. It is not something we as creators of art just decide to have. It is something that grows out of being involved in the creative process.


The value of authenticity plays an enormously important role in our personal lives and in our community’s well being. Our sense of original- ity is rooted in traditions, history and heritage. Being our true selves, trusting each other and working towards understanding one another enables us to grow responsibly and inclusively.


We strive to be self-reliant and use only what we need, without jeopardizing the potential to meet our future needs. The value of sustainability grows from our pioneering heritage and spirit. It helps us advance our organizational and community priorities, achieve competitive advantage, and drives innovation